Week 10 Cowboys 66 - Bills 24

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Cowboys Route Bills​

    The Game was is the cowboys controll from the 1st possesion. Cowboys held the ball most of the 1st qt scoring with 4:07 left with a 11 yd TD fade to Dez Bryant. The Bills would answer with 3 with 1:21 left in the qt.​
    The Cowboys would strike 1st in the 2nd with a 4 yd run from demarco murry. Bils would answer with a 89 yd pass to parrish. The cowboys would strike back with their own 70 yd pass to miles austin. The cowboys would score two more tds with a 1 yd run by murrary and 1 yd run by rice.​
    Bills would hit again with parrish again with 82 yd pass. This would just angry the boys which would hit miles with a 48 yd TD and on their next possesion a 79 yr TD.​
    Stevie Johnson Struck it big with another 80 yd TD.​
    The Cowboys would have the ball in the forth and score a 14 yd TD and the boys would put in the back ups after this.​
    Cowboys would milk the clock until a FG was made and that was the last score of the game​

    Key Stats​
    Romo: 16-23 409 4 TD 0 Ints​
    Fitzpatrick: 9-19 310 3 TD 3 ints​

    Murray: 21- 187 yds 2 TD​
    Rice: 19- 104 yds 3 TDs​
    Jackson: 20- 74yds​

    Austin: 6-268 3TDs​
    Bryant:6-91 1 TD​
    Witten 4- 65​
    Johnson 3-103 1TD​
    Parrish 2-171 2 TD​

    M.Jenkins 1int​
    Dowling: 1 int​
    Ndukwe: 1int​
    Ware 1 sack​
    Barnett 5 tcks 10 total​
    Wilson 5 tcks​
    Byrd 5 tcks 10 Total​


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