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Week 10 Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by bravejaf, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    I will get my week 10 summary up tomorrow morning/afternoon
  2. cadepetty247

    cadepetty247 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2009

    The Miami Hurricanes took a huge step towards their goal this week with a win over Florida State. This big rivalry game turned out to be all Hurricanes. RB Duke Johnson lead the way with 3TDs and proved to the Heisman voters that he could be the top player of 2013. The #3 Canes remain undefeated and the only team left on their schedule on paper who could ruin their season would be VA Tech, whom they play next week. VATech is ranked #13 and QB Logan Thomas is having a big season that could threaten the Canes title run.

    3:44TD[​IMG]Duke Johnson HB #8 2 yard TD (Matt Goudis K #18 kick)
    2:40TD[​IMG]Duke Johnson HB #8 4 yard TD (Matt Goudis K #18 kick)
    0:00TD[​IMG]Rashad Greene WR #80 41 yard TD from Jameis Winston QB #5 (Roberto Aguayo K #19 kick)
    3:42TD[​IMG]Asante Cleveland TE #82 4 yard TD from Stephen Morris QB #17 (Matt Goudis K #18 kick)
    0:29TD[​IMG]Phillip Dorsett WR #4 28 yard TD from Stephen Morris QB #17 (Matt Goudis K #18 kick)
    2:29TD[​IMG]Duke Johnson HB #8 2 yard TD (Matt Goudis K #18 kick)

  3. ElectrifiedZombies

    ElectrifiedZombies Walk On

    Jun 13, 2012
    Michigan beats rival Michigan St. in thriller
    First Quarter
    4:32 TD[​IMG] Justice Hayes HB #5 2 yard TD (Brendan Gibbons K #34 kick)
    1:08 TD[​IMG] Andrew Maxwell QB #10 4 yard TD (Michael Geiger K #17 kick)
    Second Quarter
    5:44 TD[​IMG] Andrew Maxwell QB #10 20 yard TD (Michael Geiger K #17 kick)
    3:36 TD[​IMG] Justice Hayes HB #5 1 yard TD (Brendan Gibbons K #34 kick)
    0:03 TD[​IMG] Jehu Chesson WR #86 16 yard TD from Devin Gardner QB #12 (Brendan Gibbons K #34 kick)
    Third Quarter
    2:59 TD[​IMG] Nick Hill HB #20 11 yard TD from Andrew Maxwell QB #10 (Michael Geiger K #17 kick)
    1:28 TD[​IMG] Justice Hayes HB #5 4 yard TD (Brendan Gibbons K #34 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    4:27 TD[​IMG] Keith Mumphery WR #25 10 yard TD from Andrew Maxwell QB #10 (Michael Geiger K #17 kick)
    4:16 TD[​IMG] Jeremy Gallon WR #10 103 yard TD (Brendan Gibbons K #34 kick)
    0:52 TD[​IMG] Nick Hill HB #20 1 yard TD (Michael Geiger K #17 kick)
    0:00 FG[​IMG] Brendan Gibbons K #34 19 yard FG

    the game went back and forth with both teams trading blows but in the end it was Michigan and Devin Gardner for the win with a GW FG with time expiring.
    Gardner was back in at starting QB after a week riding the bench seeming to get the hint Gardner had 328 yards passing on 22-28 and 1 td and 1 int. The player of the game had went to J. Gallon as he hauled in 5 passes for 96 yards and 1 td also adding 103 Kickoff return for a TD.

    J. Black led D with 3 sacks in the game, C.Wormley added another sack bringing his total for the year at 10 for the Freshman who is having a great start to his career. J. Hayes
    once again got the start and added 3 tds 61 yards on 22 carries

    on the Michigan state side A. Maxwell keep this game alive and he gave it his all and put it all on the table to play spoiler but in the end his Defense failed him and all Gardner to drive down for the winning FG. Maxwell 21-40 for 310 yards 2 tds 2 ints 10 rushes for 8 yards and 2 tds
  4. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009

    Rutgers at Ohio State - Ohio Stadium

    This was the first time Ohio State and Rutgers met as division rivals. Despite being new to the Big 10, Rutgers showed it belonged with an impressive showing against Ohio State. The Scarlet Knights jumped out to an early lead on a 2-yard rushing score. The lead extended to 10-0 after a field goal, but Ohio State struck back on the next play. True freshman Jalin Marshall returned the kickoff for a 95-yard TD. Ohio State tied the game at 10, but Rutgers regained the lead late in the second quarter. HB James punched in a 1-yard rushing touchdown. The Buckeyes responded with a few long passes then OSU found the end zone on a Braxton Miller rushing TD.

    In the second half the scoring slowed down until mid way through the third quarter. Miller found a seam on a WR triple option run and he broke a 70-yard touchdown. Rutgers added a field goal at the end of the third quarter so OSU led 24-20. The Buckeyes strung together a long drive in the fourth quarter and scored on a short rushing touchdown by FB Rod Smith. Rutgers answered back with another James TD run and the Knights added a two point conversion. This score reduced OSU's lead to three points. Hyde was able to break some long runs and put OSU in position to run out the clock, but he lost a fumble. This gave Rutgers a chance to tie or win the game, and the Scarlet Knights were able to move the ball into scoring range. Kicker Frederico missed a game tying field goal as the clock expired.

    Great game @_MG_

    Ohio State 31
    Rutgers 28
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