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Week 10 GOTW and League snapshot

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hulk_hagen_55, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Hulk_hagen_55

    Hulk_hagen_55 Hulkamaniac

    Jul 2, 2010
    Week 10 GOTW and League snapshot

    GOTW Patriots vs steelers

    These teams are almost identical, perfect at home, stellar defense, slightly above average offenses.
    When these words are said about almost any team it tends to be a recipe for success. however the steelers fell to the bengals last week, and are fighting off a tough afc north to make the playoffs
    and the pats are neck and neck with the jets, and the pressure is on to win, because the teams that are right behind them have tiebreakers on them.
    This isnt a divisonal game, nor even a rivalry per sey, but this is a game that could change the entire playoff landscape in the AFC.

    Now i have a little "Snapshot of the league's playoff chances" this is not a playoff watch, just my opinion based on stats and well, my opinion

    Jets- 6-2(3-0) 4-1 conf.
    I have this team pegged for at least 4 more guaranteed wins. however they have the steelers, pats and bengals left on the schedule. chance of making the playoffs 85%

    Bills- 3-5(1-2) 2-4 conf.
    Eddie has the bills overachieving even at 3-5. their schedule isnt favorable with the Pats, Steelers, Jets left to play. but this also meant that they control their own destiny. chance of making the playoffs 15%

    Patriots- 6-2(2-1) 5-2 conf.
    The pats have the recipe for success, defense. allowing 20+ points only 4 times(including the 2 losses) however it will be tough for them to move up in the rankings since they currently dont hold the tiebreaker with the jets or the chargers. chance of making playoffs 70%

    Dolphins- 3-5(0-3) 2-4 conf.
    Well miki made a huge move in getting CJ3K to the 'Phins. but is that enough? thier schedule is favorable as the 2 toughest matchups are divisional foes jets and Pats. but being 0-3 in their own division is a lot of gorund to make up.I honestly can say i can see this team go 9-7. a conference loss though might send them home after week 17. chance of playoffs 20%

    Steelers- 6-2(2-1) 4-1 conf.
    2 games ahead of their conference and not a overly hard schedule the steelers are in prime position to go to the playoffs. change of making playoffs 75%

    Ravens- 2-6(1-2) 2-6 conf.
    Well wierder things have happened i guess... thier conference schedule will stop most any chance fo a playoff run, unless they win out. and its possible with their schedule as long as they can beat the steelers and saints. no small feat. chance of making the playoffs 10%

    Bengals- 4-4(2-1) 2-3 conf.
    Halfway through the season and the bengals havnt made any ground forward. they are still .500 . but the momentum f beatng the steelers might vault them into making a push. The colts,jets,saints,steelers and chargers are still on their schedule though. now would be a good time to get red hot. chance of making the playoffs 35%

    Browns- 1-7(1-2) 1-4 conf.
    Chance of #1 pick in next years draft 25% and growing fast. they are in a tough division with an unfavorable schedule. will be much improved with a decent offseason.

    Colts- 8-0(3-0) 5-0 conf.
    AFC playoff lock at 100%. ive never played him so i dont have mch to say, other than he was rushing the ball, and now he decided to use peyton manning to incredible efficiency.

    Titans- 4-4(1-0) 2-3 conf.
    Trading CJ3K for Ronnie the brownie brown. ok, i can honestly say i wouldnt have done that, but whatever works i guess.they sit at .500 and can still make a playoff run. this team can be dangerous. odds to make playoffs are set at 40%

    Jags- 3-5(0-2) 1-5 conf.
    Avery can play anyone tough, he just doesnt always come away with the W. i dont see this team being able to make a playoff push. but like most players, with the new game itll only take time before he finds a groove and really starts scaring teams

    Texans- 1-7(0-2) 1-4 conf.
    The Favorite for the #1 overall pick this offseason. he has asolid offense, and some good pieces to build on. being new to the league, a tough schedule and an average team wil do this. once he finds his groove i feel he will put up a lot of W's. just not this season

    Broncos- 7-1(1-0) 5-1 conf.
    Their only loss was to the colts. they still have to hit the meat of their schedule with 5 divisional games left to play. and with moreno out for 4 weeks, it could be an interesting ride to the finish. chance of making playoffs 90%

    Chargers- 6-3(2-0) 6-0 conf.
    This team will give Hulk a heart attack by seasons end. 6 of their games have been decided by 7 or fewer points(4-2 in those games). it also shows they can win the close ones. but theyre 6-0 in the conference so they might be sitting pretty, if they didnt have the Broncos*2, colts, 2 divisonal games, and the 49ers. chance of making the playoffs 67.5%

    Raiders- 4-5(1-2) 2-3 conf.
    DA RAIDAAS! well at leas they have their swagger back with pope at the helm. they play very tough football, but their record is subpar.summary? decent team, classy owner with a tough schedule with teams ahead of them. down, but not out. chance to make the playoffs 20%

    Chiefs- 2-6(0-2) 2-5 conf.
    Inconsistency is their middle name, they have shown the ablility to beat you if you sleep on them, but have the 3rd worst defense in the league. defense wins championships and this team doesnt have 1. not bad enough for a #1 pick, and too many good teams to make the playoffs. with a move or two in the offseason this team could be very good next season.

    Packers- 2-7(1-2) 1-5 conf.
    Umm, daryl? you there? what happened to your offense? The packers have not gotten into their groove yet, and its probably too late for the playoffs this year. however this team could remain unchanged for next year and run the table. daryl is a clas act and will figure it out sooner than later. 15% chance at the #1 1st round pick

    Vikings- 4-4(1-1) 3-2 conf.
    The vikes have 1 winning team left on their schedule. chances are they will make a run with AP and Favre. they have some ground to make up though as it currently looks like the wildcards are coming out of the South and west Chances of makin playoffs 55%

    Lions- 4-4(2-1) 4-3 conf.
    Not the most talent laden team, so the lions sitting at 4-4 is a bit surprising, and with no one running off with their division , chances are pretty good that this team could make postseason play, chances? 60%

    Bears- 3-5(1-1) 2-5 conf.
    Again will someone please win this division? the bears still have a decent chance being 1 game out and having 4 more divisional games left. their best shot is to win the division since their conference record isnt very good. chances to make postseason 35%

    49ers- 4-4(0-1) 3-2 conf.
    Red is a owner who knows how to win. yet hes sitting at 4-4. its still a long ways to go though. only 1 team left with a losing record and having 5 divisional game left on the schedule is both a blessing and torture because he will control his own destin as well as others, but hes in the best division in the pmfl. chances of making the playoffs 25%

    Seahawks- 6-2(3-0) 4-1 conf.
    Matt(pmfl champ x1) is back at it again, with a 3-0 divisional record in the best division, hes on top of the world, sorta. andy(pmfl champ x2) is right on his heels. long story short being the class of the pmfl tends to mean your gonna make the playoffs somehow someway. odd on making the playoffs 70%

    Rams- 6-2(0-2) 4-2 conf.
    Matts counter-part andy is also 6-2. but has no wins in the division yet, and that my prove detrimental down the stretch. but he DID with the league 2 times with the chiefs, so ill keep my trap shut before doubting andy. chance to make postseason 65%

    Cardinals- 4-4(1-1) 3-3 conf.
    0-3 at home, isnt that where your supposed to win? odd arnt in this teams favor. with a couple buzzsaws and a handful of divisional games left, i dont see it happening this season. chances to make playoffs 20%

    Saints- 6-2(4-0) 5-2 conf.
    Not many teams make the playoffs after starting 0-2. well the saints decided not to listen as theyre currently 6-3 and leading their division. not a whole lot more to say about the who dat nation other thanthier chances of making the playoffs are roughly 70%

    Buccaneers- 5-3(2-1) 3-2 conf.
    No Comment for our commish Doug. he refused to let his team in another GOTW Special chances for the playoffs 50%

    Panthers- 2-6(0-3) 1-6 conf.
    These cats are having a tough year, it a hole they probably cant scratch their way out of. but if the saints taught you anything, its to keep playing like your in the hunt, and you might find yourself just there. not bad enough for achance at #1 pick. too far down for a playoff run

    Falcons- 2-6(0-2) 1-4 conf.
    Defense wins championships, if you can score. and 17 points a game isnt enough to win in this league. same as the panthers, not bed enough for #1 pick consideration, not good enough for a playoff push. keep fightin though and anything can happen when chunk is the choke artist that he is ;)

    Giants- 7-1(1-0) 5-0 conf.
    After playing with phenom almost all of madden 10, i can officially say im not surprised in the least that he hold the best record in the NFC. with a 4 game lead with 8 games to play, and barring a major breakdown. the giants are my NFC Playoff lock at 100%

    Cowboys- 3-5(0-2) 2-3 conf.
    Cowboys have to hope for a wldcard spot to open up, and the only way that will happen is if they pave their own way since they have 5 nfc wildcard hopefuls left on thier schedule. and the roster talent is there. chance to make playoffs 10%

    Eagles- 3-5(1-0) 3-2 conf.
    *See cowboys. odds to make playoffs 15%

    Redskins- 3-5(1-1) 2-4 conf.
    This team would be much better if every game was at home. 0-4 on the road has hurt them. talented roster with an owner who knows them inside out. but a slow start has crippled them. chance to make playoffs 10%
  2. thaexistence

    thaexistence Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
    Nice Read
  3. Miki1369

    Miki1369 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2010
    Great job man, well done...
  4. soxandgators

    soxandgators The Gator Nation

    Jul 16, 2010
    Great idea here enjoyed reading threw it.Keep up the great work Aaron

    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    great GOTW! and interesting analysis... ;)
  6. Phenom

    Phenom Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010

    Good stuff Aaron.
  7. Hulk_hagen_55

    Hulk_hagen_55 Hulkamaniac

    Jul 2, 2010
    only 3 stars? lol. just gotta make it more interesting i guess. and mabe spell check woudnt hurt
  8. Phenom

    Phenom Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010
    lol...Just giving you a little room to grow. Though you should get 4 just for taking the time to do such a thorough report. :thumbsup:

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