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Week 10 Oakland Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Kidofcrash23, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Kidofcrash23

    Kidofcrash23 Walk On

    Aug 17, 2011
    Raiders Overcome 6 Turnovers for 5th Straight Win Against Ravens 27-24

    Two teams at opposite ends face in this week 10 matchup. The 6-2 Raiders face the 2-6 Ravens in Baltimore as the Raiders look to keep pace in the division while the Ravens look to salvage their season.

    With the 4th best scoring offense coming in, it was expected the Raiders would come in and take care of business, but found out quickly the Ravens were no slouch. Raiders struck first putting together a very good long drive in the 1st quarter finishing off with a TD pass to Shockey which was his 5th of the season. The long drive was a response from Palmer after throwing an interception on the 1st drive after driving down the field into Baltimore territory. The Raiders defense was able to stuff the Raven offense again and force a punt and took advantage by driving down the field into Raven territory again. Unfortunately, Palmer made a big mistake trying to go to Moore on a streak pattern and was picked off by Ed Reed who returned it for a 60+ yard return for TD and the game was tied. This was the 3rd time the Raiders got into Raven territory and only were able to score once. The Raiders looked to respond as they have done all year and McFadden answered the call again rushing right up the middle for an 82 yard TD run. McFadden has been on fire so far this season and finished the game with 199 yards rushing on 26 carries and a TD. After the long TD run, the score was now 14-7.

    The Ravens responded in the 2nd quarter putting together a very nice drive for a score to tie the game. The Ravens defensed confused Palmer all game forcing INTs and taking advantage of them by putting up scores. Palmer finished the game with 4 INTs to only 1 TD. Ravens jumped out to a 21-14 lead at halftime.

    The Raiders received the ball first in the 3rd quarter and put together a drive that took half the quarter, but only ended up with 3 points to get closer at 21-17. A subsequent drive by the Raiders gave them the 24-21 lead after a Taiwan Jones toss went for a TD. Both teams added a FG to make the score 27-24 late in the 4th quarter with the Raiders up. Then the sloppiness started.

    With about two minutes ago, the Ravens down 27-24 drove the field and got inside the 40 yard line to put them in prime position to at least get a FG to force overtime. The Raiders intended to use their timeouts to save time in case Ravens were forced to kick a FG. Instead, Flacco was aggressive and continued to try to get to the endzone, but was forced out of the pocket and looked to scramble and was hit and fumbled, the Raiders recovered. With a little over a minute left, the Raiders looked to drain the clock and get a first down to close the game. McFadden was stuffed 1st and 2nd down with Ravens calling timeout. Raiders go into a 3 wide set for a draw play on 3rd down the McFadden had clear daylight to put the game away and tried to jump his way over the 1st down line and was hit and fumbled, the Ravens recovered! The Ravens were now back close to the original position and in FG range to at least tie the game with about a minute left in the game. If DMAC had held onto the ball, the game would be over, but now both teams fumbled gaming winning or tying possessions. With another breath of life, Flacco remained aggressive on his next throw, he over throws the receiver and Tyvon Branch comes down with the game clinching INT, which was Flacco’s 3rd. Amazing end to a close hard fought game.

    gg TheRealHalupka
  2. TheRealHalupka

    TheRealHalupka Walk On

    Jun 7, 2012
    Great game Kidofcrash23 . I shouldn't have been so aggressive after getting the ball back and played for OT. Both defenses were opportunistic and causes many turnovers. Really nice job running with DMC.

    I just can't seem to get over the hump and pull out a win in the last minutes.

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