Week 10: Redskins(31) vs Packers(24)

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 10: Redskins(31) vs Packers(24)

    The Packers controlled this game for 2+ quarters making big play after big play, scoring TDs on plays of 72yds, 80yds & 97yds.

    The Skins would not give up and go into halftime down 7. 21-14 Packers.

    The Redskins defense came alive in the 2nd half only allowing 3 2nd half points and caused some huge turnovers.

    The Redskins offense began to find a rythym and added two 3rd qtr TDs one of which was a beautiful pass to WR Santana Moss off of PA.

    The Packers would have a chance to tie the game inside one minute when HB Ryan Grant was stopped on 4th down only inches from the marker.

    Packers did force 4 Jason Campbell Ints.

    Great game jethro, good luck rest of year.
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    Dec 2, 2009
    GG Jeremy, was a fun game to play.

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