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Week 10 Redskins vs Pats

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by LSUTRUTH, Jan 10, 2013.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Redskins 46
    Pats 7

    In his third game as the HC of the Washington Redskins Coach LSU TRUTHs grind it out and play tough defense has worked. Ronnie Brown has become a solid contributor for the Skins knowing he is going to get the ball early and often. Brown would carry the ball 26 times in this game for 123 yards. While you look and there are no eye popping 80 yards it is the physical grind it out of the Redskins thats tough. Brown does a good job picking his spots and hitting the holes. Roy Helu Jr also played a great game adding 13 carries for 60 yards. You ask how many plays did the Redskins run? The Redskins ran a ton of plays that included 30 passes and 53 rushes. A combined 83 total plays for the Redskins. The Patriots would run a combined 31 plays.

    So how did this happen. First and foremost Washington had almost no huge plays. Only 2 runs over 20 yards and 2 catches. However they were the model of efficiency as they had 7 negative rushing play all game with more than twice that number going for 5 yards. Washington would also get a great game by their defense baiting Terrfic Tom Brady into turnover Tom with 9 I repeat 9 interceptions as well as a Chris Johnson Fumble. While the Redskins were not perfect in this department 3 turnovers of their own. The +7 turnover margin created a huge discrepancy in plays as well as a huge TOP advantage for washington 34 mins to 6. Washington would also add a Special teams TD on a punt return.

    Positives for the Pats was the defensive despite playing almost 100 plays limited what had been a big play offense. Jerrod Mayo was unbelievable with 10 tackles and 4 for loss by himself. Vince Wilfork added a season high and possible career high 9 tackles.

    The first half of this game was a close battle until the turnover bug for the Pats. I look forward to playing you again whoozy11 Good luck the rest of the way. GG

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