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Week 10: Titans @ Panthers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by thebouncer24, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011

    Titans Win 49-28 in Carolina​

    The game started off with a quick 14-0 lead as both Titans Offense and Titans Defense were making big plays and executing plays with near perfection. With a scout report of Panthers Defense we found out that the Defense was lacking a couple of OLB so this week in practice we were trying to find ways to create plays and use this to our advantage. TE Jared Cook Jr. stepped up in practice and gave us a few more routes and a few looks to give the Panthers this week. Hasselbeck was the story for the first 3 quarters as he was connecting with Britt and Gage but also finding Jared Cook Jr. Hasselbeck was finding all the right players at the right time. With an early mistake of a greedy deep throw being picked other than that he was throwing with precision. Defense was holding well early but fatigue set it and started to hurt the Defense. All in all they picked up 7 turnovers all interceptions. Coach's input was this 'I've preached to this team that winning the TO battle will win any game' and that was the case today as they won the TO battle a whooping 7 to 1. Fatigue caused some LB's to play in spots they didn't want to. We had all sorts of depth in that is not normally seen only a few more weeks until Rookie MLB makes his way back. The team will have to make it by until then. Coaches bold move of no IR is working for now. 4th quarter came in and Carolina was getting hungry. They tied it up early in the 4th quarter and forced a 3 and out. Which lead to Titans D digging deep within and forcing an INT from Akeem Ayers who returned it for a TD. The rest of the quarter was Chris Johnson closing the game with 2 huge runs and putting the game out of reach.​

    Player Stats:​
    Carolina Panthers​

    QB Jimmy Clausen 15/31 295 yards 3 TD 7 int​
    RB DeAngelo Williams 16 rushes 70 yards 1 td​
    WR David Gettis 4 rec 131 yards 3 td​

    Tennessee Titans​

    QB Matt Hasselbeck 15/24 236 yards 2 TD 1 int​
    RB Chris Johnson 20 rushes 213 yards 4 TD​
    Jared Cook Jr 7 rec 121 yards 2 td​
    Kenny Britt 4 rec 55 yards​
    Justin Gage 2 rec 27 yards​



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