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Week 11: Auburn @ Georgia

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bamaboiking, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Bamaboiking

    Bamaboiking Walk On

    Jul 6, 2009
    Week 11: Auburn @ Georgia


    Escaping By Toe

    The Deep souths oldest Rivalry was one of the best in years. UGA looking to upright the ship and Auburn seeking to continue thier quest for a SEC championship birth.

    With the first play of the game Heisman hopeful Montez Billings, filling in for Mario Fannin takes the opening kick off 8 yards deep in the endzone and agaist better judgement takes it out....well he was right. 108 Yards Laters Auburn is up 7-0 Not to Be outdone A. White takes a pass from Jox Cox and takes it 29 yards to tie it up. Tim Hawthorne then takes a 10 yard jump ball fade and breaks tackles of the safety to run 65 yards to paydirt. Bam 14-7 Tigers.... this must of woke up UGa because they went on a war path. 73 YArd pass to Richard Samuels tied it up again...Was Auburns defense even here?

    Second QTR
    The UGa onslaught would continue with two more scores from the dawgs both by TE Figgins. At halftime is was 28-21 UGA.

    3rd QTR
    After a lashing from the coaching staff the Tigers Defense finally showed up, pitching a shutout and a game changing turnover for a score, when MLB and Best linebacker candidate J Bynes Hits the FB in open fields and forces a fumble which Thorpe Candidate M. Mcneil scoops it up and runs it 88 yards for the tying TD.

    4th QTR
    Kodi Burns would toss a pass to H. Adams for what Auburn would believe would be the game winner...not so fast my friend. A white once again scores, this one from 18 yards to bring it one step closer to a win or overtime with 1:44 left. Thats all Auburn would need as they marched down and a Wes Bynum 36 field goal would but it away as time expired.

    J. Cox 25/30 405 5 TD
    R. Samuel 23 Att 79 YDS 6 REC 119 1TD
    B. Figgins 5 Rec 80 YDS 2TD

    K. Burns 14/20 254 2TD
    O. McCaLebb 10 Att 43 M. Fannin 11 Att 31YDS(I have noticed we run better with the freshan im seriously considering giving him the nod as starter soon)
    M. Billings 4 Rec 85 YDs

    Next Up: #24 Alabama (For it ALL!)

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