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Week 11 Bengals 51 - Chiefs 38

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by DJDunn6, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. DJDunn6

    DJDunn6 Walk On

    Feb 19, 2010
    Believe it or not this one started out with 3 and out by both teams, then an absolute track meet took place. There were big plays galore in this one. Bernard Berrian a 96 yd TD, Terrance Copper and 70+ yd TD for KC. Cincy would get a 59 yd TD from Eddie Royal and a 78 yd TD from Chad 85. After the initial dust settled on big plays it was 21-21 late in the 2nd quarter and the Bengals felt like they had no chance on the road of stopping the Chiefs O. However Cincy would get a couple rare breaks on the road in this one to take control and momentum over. The first was a "flutter" pass as Carson Palmer got smacked to the ground that was picked off by a DL from KC. An alert Ced Benson would hit him quick though and a fumble was recovered by an OL for the Bengals. Cincy made the most of this and went on a time consuming drive resulting in a 9 yd TD pass to #2 TE Robert Werner as J Gresham was hounded all night by coverage in this one. KC would go 3 and out and the Bengals got the ball back with 2 minutes to go in the half. That is when the second big play of the game happened. Palmer dropped back as a heavy rush came from his left but Cincy had called a screen to that side and just as Palmer was laid out he got it off to Ced Benson who went just about untouched down the left sideline for a TD huge play in the game. The Bengals got a late INT and took a 35-21 lead into the half.

    The second half the Bengals wanted to slow things down. Even though they could not run against a stiff front of the Chiefs they still tried the result was a 4+ minute drive and a FG for a 3 score lead. KC would answer with a TD pass of their own making it 38-28 late 3rd. Cincy took over and again went on a time consuming drive this time resulting in a huge 3rd and goal TD pass to Andre Caldwell in the back of the endzone making it 45-28. The 2 teams then would exchange FG's. KC would get a awesome KR for TD from Jamal Charles giving them some life again late in the 4th, but Cincy got the onside kick wasted some time and kicked a FG. KC would keep fighting but Jon Joseph would step up with about 1:25 left and intercept a pass ending the track meet. GG Bean and Good luck down the road, final tonight big conference win for the Bengals 51-38.

    Stars of the game:

    Palmer 21-29-519 yds 6 TD's and the one flutter int
    7 different Cincy players had a 2 or more catches lead by Chad85 4-147 and 2 TD's and Eddie Royal going for 3-96 and 1 TD.
    2nd year DE Carlos Dunlap continued his nice year with 2 sacks.

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