Week 11: Chiefs (23) Cardinals (20)

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    Week 11: Chiefs (23) Cardinals (20)

    The Kansas City Chiefs nip the Arizona Cardinals on a Ryan Succop 51 yard FG as time expired for a come from behind 23-20 win in Arrowhead Stadium. This was another tough game throughout in which the Chiefs found a way to pull it out down the stretch. Arizona took advantage of some Chiefs turnovers and turned them into a 17-3 lead in the 2nd quarter but the Chiefs fought back and played solid defense to score 17 unanswered and take a 20-17 lead with 3:09 remaining in the game. The Cardinals would then drive and hit a FG from 44 yards with Jay Feely to tie the game at 20-20 with just :39 seconds remaining. With only 1 timeout and 39 seconds remaining, Matt Cassel orchestrated a quick drive using the middle of the field and a timeout followed by 2 sideline catches to set up a 51 yard game winning FG as time expired for a Chiefs 23-20 win. What a game Coach West.

    Scoring Summary:

    Cardinals: Skelton to Stephens-Howling 3 yd TD pass.. Cardinals 7-0

    Chiefs: Succop 34 yd FG.. Cardinals 7-3

    Cardinals: Feely 44 yd FG.. Cardinals 10-3

    Cardinals: Beanie Wells 11 yd TD Run.. Cardinals 17-3

    Chiefs: Thomas Jones 1 yd TD Run.. Cardinals 17-10 Halftime

    Chiefs: Thomas Jones 3 yd TD Run.. 17-17 tie

    Chiefs: Succop 23 yd FG.. 20-17 Chiefs w/ 3:09 remaining

    Cardinals: Feely 44 yd FG.. 20-20 tie w/:39 remaining

    Cheifs: Succop 51 yd FG.. 23-20 Chiefs w/ 0:00 remaining

    Kansas City Chiefs: 7-3 (1st in AFC West)
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    Nice win Blue!

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