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Week 11: Dolphins (22), Panthers (21)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by I-ROD, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. I-ROD

    I-ROD Walk On

    Jul 27, 2009
    Week 11: Dolphins (22), Panthers (21)

    The Miami Dolphins went north to visit the 6-3 Carolina Panthers and shock the Carolina fans

    Panthers would get the opening kick off return and Gamble takes to the house. 7-0 Panthers

    Miami would march right down the field and get Henne would laser the ball passed two defenders and into the hands of Makino. 7-7

    Panthers would then get the ball and 2 plays into the drive HB Williams breaks and jukes 4 defenders for a 55 yard score. 14-7 Panthers

    Dolphins would move the ball to the Panthers 48 and LB Davis steps in front of a Henne pass to Gonzalez and runs it fir a pick 6. 21-7 Panthers.

    Henne composes himself and gets the offense moving down field with Brown converting on 3rd downs and gets with in FG for Carpenter 21-10 Panthers at the half.

    second half was all Miami who had all the momentum swinging their way and Henne again to the offense and made the impossible throws look easy with touch and precision passes to his receivers.

    all it took was 3 FG's by Carpenter and a Ricky Williams TD to put Miami up 22-21 and the defense shut down Delhome and the Panthers.

    Key to the game was the stats below which blew me away when I saw them and held the Panthers to 48 yards in the second half.

    1st Downs 24 4
    3rd Downs Att. 15 3
    3rd Downs Eff. 12 1
    4rd Downs Att. 0 0
    4rd Downs Eff. 0 0
    2 Point Conv. Atts. 1 0
    2 Point Conv. 0 0

    Total Yards 516 353
    Pass Yards 270 36
    Pass Ints. 1 1
    Total Offense 373 134
    Rush Yards 103 98
    Time of Poss. 25:29 6:31
    Final Score 22 21

    GG Claven, I just threw that pick 6 and set me off but composior is always my way to get back in the game.

    GL on the season bud!

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