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++++ WEEK 11 GAMES OF THE WEEK!!! ++++

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by Snozberriez8198, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
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    This NFC North matchup and rivalry needs no hyping up...but we will do it anyway. With the playoff picture shaping up in the NFC, this game is important to both teams. This year the rolls seem to have shifted with the Lions with more offense and the Packers with more defense.
    The Lions coming in have one of the most dynamic and underrated offenses in the league. The key will be to protect the ball and keep up what they are doing. Stafford only has 3 interceptions to his 30 TD passes. Look for them to use Best to pound the ball and open up the passing game and of course...MEGATRON!!! Calvin Johnson is like no other receiver and you have to account for him every second of every down. If the Lions fall behind...look for big plays to MEGATRON.
    The Packers are coming in with more forced turnovers and a more talented defense. Usually we are talking about Rodgers and the high powered offense, but in this matchup...defense will be the key. The Packers average 2 takeaways per game and boast a very stout red zone defense. The Packers have a 82% in the redzone, and it shows only allowing 11 TD on 28 trips in thier redzone. The Lions have one of the lowest percentages with 95% allowing 17 TD on only 22 trips.
    Ditka's Diagnosis
    This game is a rematch of a week 2 matchup that was decided by 2 points with the Jaguars taking home the win with a 16 to 14 victory. The key to victorywas the defense of the Jaguars who forced 3 turnovers in the game. Will it be a rerun or will the Texans even up the score in the AFC South matchup that could help decide the division and playoff spots??
    The Texans have to come out and protect the ball and stick to the game plan. That offense is designed to be a run first offense and only managed 81 yards against the Jaguars in week 2. They need to use Foster and not stop!!! He is a force that is at times unstoppable. He is a every down back that can run and catch and can score on any play. If they keep to this plan, it will open up the passing game and get Andre Johnson in single coverage and will have big play potential. They need to be unpredictable and protect the ball.
    The Jaguars a self proclaimed "defensive team" by the coach earlier this week will look to stick with the same formula that has worked so far this season. Because the defense held the Texans on the ground and in the air, they were able to outrun and out pass the Texans in thier first matchup. Being able to out play the Texans on both sides of the ball is no easy task, but they hope for a repeat performance this weekend. Look for the Jaguars to mixup the defense and give the Texans some unconventional looks and force some turnovers!!!
    Terry's Take

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  2. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
  3. Doc Holliday904

    Doc Holliday904 Walk On

    Aug 24, 2012
    Aww yea I've been licking my chops for this rematch.

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