week 11 :hard hitting affair in chicago as da bears get tough win

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    Defense was the toast of the day in this one.there was a total of 12 sacks and 2int's beween the 2 defenses along with 4 forced fumbles by the bear D.cutler had the O jelling nicely in the 1st half going up 13-0 but there were missed opportunities that we settled for FG's on 2fumbles in the 1st half.even though the score was 13-0 it was a lot closer than it looked because every time the giants would drive down and get into scoring position a fumble or int would stall their drive.the key stat was 3rd down conversions bear were above 60% while the giants converted only 2 the whole game.yet there they were within striking after scoring midway through the 3rd qtr to make it 13-7 it could have been 13-10 but the giants missed a long FG.but cutler kept his poise and drove the team into FG range to go up 16-7 for what would be the final score.great game avery always a pleasure goodluck the rest of the season
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