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Week 11- Packers 28 and Falcons 26

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    Battle of two tough NFC teams Packers hosting the Falcons

    Falcons take the kickoff but that is about as far as they got going 3 and out. Packers get the ball do the same thing 3 and out.. Defense really showed up for both teams to start out the game. end of the first it was 0 to 0.

    Starting of the 2nd quarter the Falcons pushin the ball down the field got all the way to have 1st and goal at the 2 yardline. Packers defense comes up big to only give up 3 points. Then here comes the Packers with some ground and pound spliting the carries with Grant and Boutte with Grant finishin the drive with a 1yard TD. Packers defense still holding on strong and get the ball back to the Offense. Rodgers sees a quick blitz coming out so he switches the play and hits the streaking Swain for a 79 td pass. Packers defense still holding up strong and get a nice stop for the Packers to try and put the game away before the half. Packers r getting on a role and finish the drive with a Aaron Rodgers hitting Finley for a 18 yard TD pass putting the halftime score 21 to 3 Packers leading the way.

    The 2nd half begins with Packers getting the ball and driving down the field to only have Aaron Rodgers throw a pick 6 to Jackson of the Falcons returning it 73 yards. Then both defense still showing up tough and not giving up much ending the 3rd Packers leading 21 to 10.

    The 4th and final quarter where the Packers r having toubles keeping the lead. Falcons with the ball drive down the field but can only get a FG. Packers dont take long to get a spark with Boutte bolting down the field for a 73yard TD run. Packers defense still holding up strong but Aaron Rodgers is keeping the Falcons in the game with another pick 6 this time to DeCoud for 96 yard return but fail to get the 2 point coversion. Falcons defense showing up big at the end of the game holdin the Packers to a 3 and out. Falcons get the ball back and hit Blake for a 80yard pass down the sideline. Falcons come with a onside kick and Packers WR Morgan comes away with the ball. Packers need to get atleast 2 first downs to finish the game off with a win. 2 straight runs with the Falcons just waiting for the run end up with a 3rd and 16. Packers go with a pass and hit WR Morgan for a nice 23yard catch and end the game with the Packers winning 28 to 26.

    Good Game Sanano and Good Luck with the rest of ur season

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