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Week 11: Raiders(37) vs Titans(42)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. bigox1337

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 11: Raiders(37) vs Titans(42)

    First off all, thank god the site is back up, been itching to write some reviews for both leagues and it feels good to get back to the norm:) Sorry if it is a little vague because it was a couple days between the game and getting to write the writeup.

    The Raiders visited Nashville in a battle of 4-5 teams. The raiders game in tied for first place in the AFC west and the Titans are dead last in the AFC south, behind division leader, The colts, by 3 games. After a big loss last week, the titans were eager to play and came in fired up to try and get back to 500.

    The titans got on the board first, with a 49 yard run by CJ on the second play from scrimmage. Defense would be key and the next score came with only seconds left in the quarter. Titans CBs would make big mistakes all over the field in the first half that kept the raiders in the game. Schilens cashing in big on a missed tip and scored from 74 yards out to tie the game going into the 2nd quarter.

    The titans continued a balanced run/pass game and even got Lendell white into the game. The titans would make it 14-7 with a white run from 3 yards out midway though the quarter.
    Another big CB mistake by the titans on another missed pass deflection, Raiders WR Higgans scored from 61 yards out to tie the game at 14 on the first raiders play after the titans TD. The scored was tie at the half, with the titans mad that only 2 plays kept the raiders in the game.

    Within a minute of kickoff, the raiders went up 7 on ANOTHER missed deflection. Schilens scored his second of the day from 57 yards out. The titans defense then finally settled down and accually forced a couple turnovers. The titans would score the next 2 TDs to go up 28-21 with great efforts by RB White and FB Hall.

    Beanie Wells would score from 10 yards out to start the 4th quarter and tie the game up at 28, but the titans would respond and drove down the field and scored with a pass to rookie Titan WR Manning. The raiders got the ball down 7 late in the 4th q but stalled in the redzone and only could put up 3 points. With 3 TOs, the raiders choose not to kick the onside down 4 and the titans got the ball on the 20. On third down with 7 to go, CJ lined up at WR and received the screen and went untouched 77 yards to go up 11 and seal the game. The raiders scored late but it was too late, the titans won 42-37.

    M. Cassel- 27-36 358yds 3YD 2INT
    CJ- 15rush 80yds 1TD, 6rec 109yds 1TD
    L. White- 6rush 18yds 2TD
    N. Washington- 6rec 92yds
    J. Manning- 4rec 53yds 1TD

    K. Warner- 29-40 435yds 4TD 1INT
    B. Wells- 5rush 35yds 1TD, 6rec 34yds
    C. Schilens- 9rec 234yds 2TD
    J. Higgens- 3rec 88yds 1TD

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