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Week 11 | Season 2 Results

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by sawemoff, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Beavers Down Pitchforks
    In a very weird game the Beavers traveled the Tempe, AZ to take on the Sun Devils of Arizona State. The game had a turn to where it looked like the thrashing was on but ASU hung in there making the stops they needed to keep the game close. On the first drive's for both teams they were forced to punt, but on the next ASU drive the game going. On a rollout play QB Mike Bercovici saw nobody was open and elected to run. True Freshman MLB Jason Vaughn met him head on forcing the fumble.​
    After the fumble Bercovici preceded to make another mistake by throwing an interception to SS Peter Ashton. It did not take long for the Beavers to strike as they caught the defense off guard with a PA pass. It did not matter who Mannion would throw too because all of the OSU WRs were open. He selected Hatfield for the 51 yard TD. With this the game was already getting out of hand but ASU weathered the storm and got on the board right before half with a 39 yard FG. OSU would lead 14-3.​
    The second was much of the same it looked like OSU would roll over ASU at any moment but the Sun Devils never gave in. Mannion would put the dagger into the neck of ASU's defense by finding WR Obum Gwachum all by his lonesome. Gwachum was not the first read and it took awhile before Mannion realized he was so wide open and once he did he threw a bullet so no defender could get over there. ASU would try one more time to get back into the game and struck gold with the no huddle. After wearing down the defense with the high pace Bercovici finally did something right. He threw a perfect pass to Josiah Blandin but failed to convert the 2-point conversion. Back and forth both teams would punt until the final seconds ticked off. Another big conference keeps OSU's hopes alive at a CCG berth and they look forward to hosting Stanford in Week 12.​
    [​IMG] 21
    [​IMG] 9
    PLAYER OF THE GAME: MLB Jason Vaughn- 4 Solo Tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble

  2. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009
    FSU - 52
    BC - 24

    A close game in the first half turned into a blowout on a Thursday night at Boston College. All 1st half the Eagles were able to move up and down the field, and actually led 17-14 late in the half. Things turned around in the 3rd quarter as the Seminoles scored 3 quick TDs to put things out of reach. The backups came in in the 3rd quarter and promptly allowed BC to score. However, the 2nd stringers went on a 5:30 drive to close things out late in the 4th as they added a TD.

    Jameis Winston - 10-14, 214 yards 4 TDs 0 ints.

    Nick O'leary - 5 catches, 65 yards, 3 TDs
  3. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    North Carolina Avenges Sugar Bowl Loss
    Senior QB Bryn Renner Celebrates the win
    Coming into Saturday's match much anticipated rematch between these two programs, Coach Baron of Utah had done a whole lot of talking. "Quite frankly, we sodomized North Carolina in that Sugar Bowl," Baron was quoted as saying. Coach Peench stayed quiet, which led some obnoxious journalists (who are we kidding, all journalists are obnoxious) to question his fight and support of his team. All week long leading up to this game, the media refused to move on from that game. "Look, our Sugar Bowl performance was abysmal. I make no excuses. My players didn't play well, and I didn't put them in a position to win." When asked if they were merely still grieving from being robbed of a BCS National Championship birth, Coach stayed firm "I thought we deserved it, yes. But after that loss, it was clear that we didn't. I don't think we dwelled on it, we used it as motivation to win that game. We just simply couldn't execute that day."
    On Saturday, a much different tune was sung. North Carolina dictated the tempo from the start, coming right out of the gates and executing their gameplan to perfection. "We had a pretty detailed scouting report on Utah. I don't like being out-coached twice, so I always do my best to make adjustments," Coach Peench explained following the game. When asked what specific adjustments he had made, Coach responded with "Right off the bat we knew they were extremely aggressive defensively. A lot of man press blitzing, and last time that caught us off guard. That's why we threw a slip screen at the start of the game, and threw a deep fly to Thorpe to beat the press for that TD. That was the perfect start for our club."
    Coach Baron and the Utes, however, would respond emphatically. "We knew the read option was a strength, and they executed it well as always. Coach Baron seems to think a faster QB will do him wonders, but Wynn is a tricky son of a gun. I think our guys were over pursuing him all game long, as he's almost deceptive with his lack of speed." Baron and the Utes executed their offense to perfection on that first drive, and capped it off with a 21 yard touchdown pass from Wynn to Sean Fitzgerald.
    The Heels would respond with a score of their own, off a jet sweep on the 3 after a very balanced drive. When the Utes got the ball back, they drove into a 4th and inches situation on their own 44. Coach Baron deliberated, but ultimately decided to play it safe and punt the ball, which seemed the right choice as the Heels then went three and out. The Utes then made a nice drive as time was expiring in the second half, only to throw an interception near the goal line. The pick came after a failed run out of the wishbone. "We knew they like to run that lead/toss left out of the wishbone, and made the right call on the blitz to put them in a 3rd and goal from the 6. Again, our scouting report payed off. We knew they run the trail, shake, and curls in those types of situations, so we called a zone fit to defend both, and it payed off." Payed off for the Heels as the curl was the call, and the defense was in position to make a critical interception to steal points away from the Utes at halftime.
    After QB Jordan Wynn dove head first into UNC FS Tre Boston's leg, forcing the fumble, the Heels took a deep breath. Said LB Travis Huges after the game "I was really frustrated becase I read the read option perfectly, I just over pursued Wynn. I was just a bit off today, but that one really bugged me. I was glad Tre was there and got lucky, otherwise Coach Peench would've been quite upset with me." Indeed, 2 yards short of the first down the "x" button resulted in a dive, not a slide, and we all know you can't dive forward into a player. Coach Baron was livid "That ignorant asshole! God forbid he slide!" Yet we all know, you never hit "x" around the 1st down marker :p.
    UNC would capitalize on the mistake, taking the rock right back down the field and capping a solid drive with a 6 yard run by HB Romar Morris, who filled it very well for injured star Giovanni Bernard. After yet another UNC stop, Coach Peench dialed up a slip screen, hoping to take advantage of a frustrated and aggressive Coach Baron. The call worked to perfection, as Morris took the screen and dashed 64 yards for paydirt. "He's got electric speed," Coach Peench said in the post game presser. "He ran a sub 10.4 100 meters in high school, so we know what kind of athlete he is. Getting him the ball in space is always a priority for this offense."
    Morris' speed proved valuable
    The frustration continued for Coach Baron and the Utes, as the next series resulted in a pick six, extending the Heels lead to 35-14 with a mere 4 minutes remaining. In a desperate attempt to come back, the Utes bombed a ball out to impact WR Dres Anderson, who out-leaped Boston for the score. After a controversial fumble by Bryn Renner on the next series, Coach Peench got a bit worried. "I was screaming at him to pitch the ball for a while, but he didn't seem to want to. That was unfortunate, but it makes up for their unlucky fumble, so I can't complain." The Utes would take advantage, converting that fumble for a TD on a shake route near the endzone. "I knew it was coming," said LB Darius Lipford. "I just couldn't make the play on the ball."
    Luckily, the Heels would get the ball back and convert a 1st down to seal the win, avoiding an epic comeback attempt by the Utes and Coach Baron. "Stay humble," I told the guys. "Learn from those guys that chest-pounding isn't what works, and it's not what we do around here. We are in a very interesting position, especially if we win out. It's essential that we stay humble. I feel s though this team can beat anyone, but we can also be beaten by anyone. I think everyone in this locker room feels that way, which is just what I want," Coach Peench concluded.
    The Heels now move to 8-1, and travel to GT and NC State before hosting Miami in the regular season finale.
    GG Baron. I think we've got a nice rivalry going here, and I'm sure we'll meet again in the not so distant future. All that shit talking you did obviously makes this all the sweeter, so let me have my moment (because I might not have another).
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  4. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    Love the write up! Worthy of any scumbag journalist! :D (The aura shining down on Renner was a bit much though)

    Still salty about this one, so I'll just have to wait until you guys visit Salt Lake (see what I did there?)
  5. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    That picture explains it all. God was on my side, ya Mormons
  6. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    Trojans win another!
    scoring wk11s2.PNG
    team stats wk11s2.PNG
    player stats wk11s2.PNG
  7. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    Bears no match for Ducks in the snow :confused:

    Oregon 34
    UCLA 14

    This week 11 matchup in the snow brought back bad memories of the 2012' Civil War game against sawemoff , but luckily for the Ducks the memory was only that , and not a repeat as this game was pretty much over at the half. The Bruins came into this game in the top 25 and with some hype as a team on the rise and looked to be a formidable foe , but early turnovers and another stellar performance by QB Bryan Bennett put this game away pretty early.

    Oregon raced out to a 14-0 lead midway through the first quarter , and after a 44 yards interception return by the Ducks it was 21-0 with only 9 seconds left in the first quarter. The blowout looked to be on but after an aggressive blitz call on the next play, and a free safety who appeared to have left both hands inside of his shoulder pads , the Bruins answered with a 75 yard catch and run to leave the 1st quarter at 21-7 Ducks.

    The second quarter was a bit more of the same as Oregon added a 35 yard FG to make it 24-7 , and with under a min left the Ducks got the ball back looking to get 3 more. Junior QB Bryan Bennett led the no huddle down the field quickly , but needed to burn 2 timeouts after sacks as time was winding down. The Ducks got a quick first down at the UCLA 25 yard line with 6 seconds left , Bennett led his team to the line to run one more play as coach Danthraxxx was scene tossing his headset in disgust as it became clear a FG was not going to happen. UCLA stand out free safety Tevin McDonald broke inside on the slot receiver to cover the post, leaving Oregon senior WR Hawkins open in the back corner of the end zone for the touchdown. This unexpected score made it 31-7 at the half, and despite a great effort the Bruins were never able to get back in this one.

    The news from week 11 was not all good in this one for the Ducks however, as junior halfback De'Anthony Thomas has finally gotten healthy the Ducks were dealt a bad blow as junior workhorse HB Kenny Bassett went down with a season ending injury running the ball to kill the clock in the 4th quarter. With no other physical back on the roster the Ducks may have an issue down the stretch in short yardage.

    Great game MartyWebb , make sure you hurt as many USC players as possible this year ;) Bulldog

    Oregon game footage brought to you by Elgato game capture

    Stats -

    total offense :
    Oregon 354
    UCLA 190

    Oregon 308
    UCLA 122

    Oregon 46
    UCLA 68

    Player of the Game:
    Oregon - QB Bryan Bennett 20-24 308 yards 2 TD 27 yards rush
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  8. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
    Great game Dan. Quite an offense you got when you have time in the pocket. Picked my ass apart!

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