Week 11 - Texans (31) @ Colts (48)

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    Sep 24, 2009
    Week 11 - Texans (31) @ Colts (48)

    GG OB, maybe i'll see you in the playoffs.

    Colts offense finally decided to show up, it had been awhile, week 3 to be exact.

    Turnovers were a major part of the game. They really killed the Texans. Andre Johnson had an excellent game and gashed the Colts secondary.

    Colts leading the NFC south by 1 game after the Jags beat the Cowboys in week 11.


    McNabb - 14/25 -246 Yds - 4 Td - 2 Int
    Westbrook - 13 rush - 36 Yds - 3 Rec - 51 Yds
    Ginn - 4 Rec - 85 Yds - 2 Td


    Schaub - 35/55 - 451 Yds - 3 Td - 3 Int
    Johnson - 12 Rec - 249 Yds - 1 Td
    Daniels - 7 Rec - 58 Yds
  2. obwhite

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Both games we've played this year, i feel like i should have won...

    This game killed me, i pretty much outplayed mustang, but had 8 turnovers... 4 fumbles and a muffed punt...... the i threw 3 picks but that was mainly in catchup mode....

    It seemed like everytime i got any momentum going, i would fumble the ball.... eithier he is the hit sticker i've ever played or my guys just can't hold onto the ball..

    It was a great game and even with all those turnovers, i was still in the game for most of it.... The muffed punt on the 8 yard line with me up by 3 really killed me...

    8 freaking turnovers!!! i would catch a pass for 30 yards and then fumble it, get a crucial first down, then fumble it!! It was one of the most frustrating games i've ever played, but i gotta give it up to mustang, the dude is one of the best in the league and it's fun to play him twice a year!!

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