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week 11

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by gt86, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. gt86

    gt86 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    week 11

    reply here
  2. gt86

    gt86 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Cowboys would play host to the Redskins in week 11. The redskins would get the ball first and have to punt. The Cowboys would start driving down the field when Romo would look ot hit Roy Williams on a slant, but Orakpo would have different plans as he would step infront of the pass and pick it off. The Redskins would score on a 10 yd Td pass to Moss which was setup by a 52 yd screen pass to Dunn. On the Cowboys ensuing possesion Romo would get picked once again after Haynesworth would hit him as he tried to pass the ball and the ball would flutter in the air and get picked off by Laboy and returned for a 32 yd Td to give the Redskins a quick 14-0 lead. The Cowboys would finally get on the board when Romo would throw a screen pass to Berrian which would turn into a 41 yd Td to close out the 1st qtr. The Redskins would strike quickly once again with a 40 yd Td run by Dunn to push their lead to 21-7 early in the 2nd qtr. Felix JOnes would keep the Boys in the game with a 96 yd kickoff return for a Td on the ensuing kickoff. The Cowboys defense would finally start to play some defense from here on out. Which would allow the Cowboys offense to get back ionto the game. Romo would first hit Marion Barber for a 4 yd Td pass after Barber would rumble 39 yds to setup the Td. The Cowboys would also add a 57 yd Fg from Buehler to close the half out and actually take the lead 24-21.

    The Cowboys would get the ball first in the 2nd half and promptly move down the field and get a Td on a 11 yd Pass from Romo to Berrian to increase their lead to 31-21. That would be the only score in the 3rd qtr as both defenses would stiffen some. In the 4th qtr the Redskins let the Cowboys know this game wasn't over yet, as Dunn would break off another long run for a Td this time for 37 yds. The Cowboys would be able to answer with a Fg to give them a six point lead 34-28 with 2:51 left in the game. The Skins offense would look to take the lead but fail and go turn the ball over on downs on their own 13 yd line with 2:15 left in the game. Romo came out looking to put this game on ice and would do so with a 13 yd Td pass to Witten with 2:12 remaining. The Skins would go to the hurry up and try to quickly score but come up short and turn the ball over on downs with 3 secs left where the Cowboys would kneel and let the time run off. Cowboys win a tough one 41-28. gg Kan see ya at Fedex in a few weeks.


    39 yf run by Barber

    Felix returns his 5th kickoff for a Td

    32 yd interception return by Laboy

    40 yd run by Warrick Dunn

    41 yd Td pass from Romo to Berrian
  3. Kan

    Kan Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    gg GT. nice comeback
  4. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Rams hosted the Cards in a showdown between longtime friends and rivals. The Cards looked like they were going to hold on to get the tough win but an interception by MLB Bailey in the endzone gave the Rams the spark they needed in the fourth quarter.

    With the Rams trailing 10-6 early in the 4th, the Cards were about to score again from the Rams 4yd line to put the game out of reach but Bailey picked off Warner and returned the ball to the Rams 10 yd line. Marc Bulger led the Rams on a 90yd drive culminating in a 11yd TD pass from Bulger to McMichael to give the Rams the lead at 13-10 with just over 7 mins left in the game.

    The Rams managed to force the Cards to punt with about 4 mins left in the game and the Rams took over on their 40 yd line. After getting the ball to the 50yd line, Bulger tossed the ball to Jackson who took it around the left end after breaking 3 tackles and running through a total of 8 Cardinal players to the house for an insurance 50yd TD run to pad the lead at 20-10 Rams.

    FS O.J. Atogwe returned from a 9 game injury to get an interception to thwart any attempt by the Cards to mount a last second charge. Bulger kneels 3 times to run the clock out and give the Rams a come from behind win over the division rival Cardinals. GG Wolf and as always it goes to the wire again. I look forward to our battle in week 16 down in Tempe, AZ.

    Final score Cards 10, Rams 20.


  5. Gotham

    Gotham Walk On

    Aug 20, 2009
    What a crazy game!

    Dolphins visit the Panthers and it live up to expectations as these two Superbowl favorites duked it out from start to finish.

    Carolina started with the ball and would drive up the field easily against the soft Phins front four, with Williams/Duckett/Stewart having their way up the gut. Miami would stiffen up in the red zone and the home team settled for a FG.

    Dolphins got the ball and started to drive with Ronnie Brown. Then on a screen pass gone wrong, Pennington would get sacked and stripped and Brayton would intercept and take it to the endzone for a quick 10-0 lead for the Panthers.

    Miami would work back downfield and following a great 46yd screen to Ronnie Brown, Pennington would hit WR Ginn on a short slant in the endzone.

    The second quarter would see more groundpounding from both teams, including a short TD run by DeAngelo Williams, and a pair of field goals by either team. The Panthers went into the locker room for halftime with a 20-10 lead.

    Miami's defense would step up to the plate in the 3rd, making a pair of interceptions on Delhomo, including one that lead to another short slant TD for Ginn.

    The Phins would take the lead late in the 4th and put together a 5:29 drive capped with a TD by Troupe making it 27-24.

    With time ticking down, and Delhomme's confidence shaky, DeAngelo Williams got the nod and would treat Miamis defense like a brood of redheaded stepchildren. Finally, with 1min left in the game, he would take a Far Sweep 24yds to regain the lead for Carolina. On the ensuing kickoff, Ginn would cough up the ball and the Panthers would score their second defensive TD of the game, sealing the victory.

    IROD still drovehis troops downfield and got into FG range - were it not for the fumble, we might still be in OT.

    Miami 24
    Carolina 34

    Gg IROD!!
  6. wolf0994

    wolf0994 Walk On

    Oct 4, 2009
    GG Lou, Jackson is a must stop and we just didnt get it done. We are gonna have to find a way to do it next go round.
  7. Stykman

    Stykman RC & MEGA Historian

    Jul 26, 2009
    Last Undefeated Team Falls

    Chicago, Il - The 3-6 Eagles came into Soldier Field as heavy underdogs, and deservedly so. In the game before this, Donovan McNabb fractured his toe, and will miss 9 weeks, essentially ending his season. Enter Mike Vick as the Eagles Starting QB for the remainder of the season. The Bears were sporting the only Undfeated Record in MEGA at 9-0, and probably have some of the Best Stats in the League...but we can't find Stats on this Shitty EA Online Franchise Site...so I digress.

    Anywho, the Bears took the opening kickoff methodically down the field. Jay Cutler then tossed a WR screen to Speedster Devin Hester, the rest is dust. 36 yards later Hester was in the Endzone.

    On the ensuing drive the Eagles would be called for Holding on thier 1st play and be put back at thier own 6 yardline. Mike Vick then throws a pass to Rookie Jeremy Maklin, who breaks a tackle, and gets loose. 94 Yards of loose all the way in for the score.

    The Eales knew they got lucky, but they'll take it. The Bears quickly answered with another drive that started the 2nd Quarter. They ended the drive with an 8 yard TD pass from Cutler to Forte, to take the lead back to 7 points. The Eagles desperate for a win against a Human Player, put together a scoring drive this time, instead of one lucky play. The drive culminated in a Brian Westbrook 1 Yard TD plunge with 1:22 remaining in the 1st half. With time running down, the Bears went into thier 2 minute O, and got another 7 points when Jay Cutler dropped back and saw the openning in the middle of the field. Cutler went in untouched from 8 yards out to assume the 7 point Bears lead at halftime.

    The 3rd Quarter saw a very pivotal play. With the Bears leading 21-14 the Eagles had a 3rd and 1 from about the Bear 45. Mike Vick took the snap and went right. He gained 15 yards down to the Bears 30 and kep the drive alive. The final play of the drive was a 15 yard TD pass from Vick to Kevin Curtis in the book, but it wasn't that smooth. Vick was hit as he threw the ball back across his body. The ball fluttered wildly like a dying quail, and landed ever so softly into the waiting arms of curtis who was about 1 yard deep in the enzone, with 3 Bear DBs around him.

    With the score tied at 21 entering the 4th quarter, the pressure was squarely on the Bears shoulders. They weren't anticipating it, but they were in a fight for thier Undefeated Lives. TYhe Eagles Defense stepped up and forced the Bears to Punt, and then stopped them again, but this time the Bears were close enough for Robbie Gould to punch in a 26 yard FG. The Eagles then took control of the ball and the clock. Marching down field, the Eagles chewed up almost 5 minutes before Mike Vick found TE Brent Celek for a Touchdown. And with 3:08 remaining the Philadelphia Eagles were on top 28-24. Did they leave too much time on the clock?

    Uh...Yea. The Bears remained calm, cool, and collected. With 1:47 left to go, Cutler again threw to HB Matt Forte. This time he ran down the left side for a Bear TD and the Lead 31-28. Notice Forte's best WWE Hip Toss impersonation at the expense of Eagles CB Sheldon Brown.

    The Eagles came to the line after the kickoff with about 1:40 left in the game. All 3 Timeouts. No McNabb. Enter LeShaun "Shady" McCoy. Shady went off Left Tackle for 61 yards down to the Bear 9 Yardline. The Eagles knew then they had at least Overtime in the bag. But Coach Styk wanted more. The Bears used the 2 Timeouts they had left to preseve some time. The Eagles had the ball on the 1, and a chance to wind some more clock. But Brian Westbrook was called on to get the lead, and he did just that, with his 2nd TD of the game.

    Eagles Led 35-31 with 1:18 left.

    The Bears were able to convert on a 4th and 10, but never crossed midfield, as the clock wound down to zeros, Cutler's last, futile pass attempt fell to the ground, and the Eagles Shocked the World, beating MEGA's lone Undefeated Team.

    Key Stats:

    Total Yards Offense - CHI - 329 / PHI - 407
    Total Yards Rushing - CHI - 56 / PHI - 170
    3rd Downs - CHI - 4 for 8 / PHI - 8 for 9

    Jay Cutler (CHI) - 19/31 289 yds 3 TDs
    Mike Vick (PHI) - 15/18 249 yds 3 TDs 1 INT

    Matt Forte (CHI) - 9 att 23 yds
    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - 12 att 45 yds 2 TD
    Mike Vick(PHI) - 4 att 47 yds

    Matt Forte (CHI) - 7 rec 107 yds 2 TD
    Jeremy Maklin (PHI) 2 rec 115 yds 1 TD

    Great Game as Always Scar.
  8. Gotham

    Gotham Walk On

    Aug 20, 2009
    grats Styk, nice writeup
  9. I-ROD

    I-ROD Walk On

    Jul 27, 2009
    GG Gotham, I could not believe that fumble from Ginn!! Get ya next time bud..
  10. scared46

    scared46 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2009
    Lions travel to Ceveland to face the cheesie CPU. Lions jumped out 27-3 at t he half and added a TD in the 3rd quarter to go up 34-3. Through the 3rd/4th quarter the Lions had to punt inside the redzone due to not running up the score. Give have been easy 50 points by the Lions but we decided to call off the dogs.

    Final score
    Browns 10
    Lions 34

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