Week 12 Chiefs at Raiders

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    This was the equivalent of playing a 16 inning baseball game, as the first game we played DC'd nearly at the end of the 3rd quarter, in what was a good, close game (one of us was up by less than 7, don't remember who). DC's are always tough but replays after DC'ing so late in a game is probably toughest as you've shown pretty much your whole hand by that time.

    The replay began with a Darren McFadden fumble, that SS Eric Berry scooped up and returned for a TD, and I thought....here we go. Fortunately, I was able to respond on the next drive and answer with a TD of my own, to tie the game up. After those two quick scores, it once again turned into an ugly defensive affair that I've been accustomed to all season. I was able to hold him to two FG's, and forced two interceptions that were the difference in the game.

    The Raiders improve their winning streak to 4 games and a record of 6-5, and can now claim to be in the hunt for a Wildcard spot. Their remaining schedule is as follows:

    at Rams (2-9)
    49ers (10-1)
    at Chiefs (6-5)
    Bills (7-4)
    at Broncos (3-8)
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