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Week 12 Niners 26 Cards 23

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by dritsch, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. dritsch

    dritsch Walk On

    Dec 9, 2009
    Week 12 Niners 26 Cards 23

    Cards started off with the ball, and on the 2nd play completed a 74yd TD pass to WR Nicks. On the very next play however, WR Ginn took a pass 75yds for the score. SF's next possession had them all the way down to the 1yd line, where RB Coffee fumbled and Ari recovered. Frisco was able to get a safety on the next play however, thanks to a botched screen play. The Niners ended the 1st quarter with a solid drive, capped with a 1yd TD run by RB Gore. With multiple int's in the 2nd, SF put together the only solid drive, putting up 6 thanks to another short TD run by RB Gore. 23-7 at the half.

    The punt\int fest continued in the 2nd half, with a WR Davis TD being the only scoring done in the 3rd. By no huddling their way down the field in the middle of the 4th, the Cards scored again on a 19yd TD pass to TE Beckum. Both scores were followed by successful 2-pt conversions, tying the game at 23. SF got the ball back however with a couple minutes left, converting a big 3rd and 3 from midfield to extend the drive, wind down the clock, and kick a FG with less than 30 seconds left. Ari, with no TO's left, failed to do anything. 26-23 Niners gg. Ginn out the rest of the year with a herniated disk, I quit.


    QB Smith 15\23 241yds 1 TD 4ints
    RB Gore 25atts 144yds 2 TDs (Player of the Game)
    WR Ginn 6recs 187yds 1 TD


    QB Skelton\Leinart 16\32 199yds 3 TDs 1int
    RB Hightower 6atts 33yds
    WR Nicks 3recs 89yds 1 TD

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