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Week 12- Packers 40 at Vikings 37

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    For the Top Spot in the NFC North its a battle between the Vikings Hosting the Packers.

    Its a rematch of week 1 when the Packers hosted the Vikings and Packers were able to come away with the victory.

    The Packers start off with the ball but cant get anything going and end up punting the ball. Vikings then come back down the field just pushing it down without any problems to have Tebow hit Rice for a 22 yard TD pass. Packers then get the ball back and still unable to get anything going but then comes the Packers defense to get some big stops. Packers then get the ball back to hit Davis for a big TD pass for 61 yards to end the 1st quarter.

    Starting the 2nd quarter the Vikings get stop and punt the ball to Packers to see them push the ball down the field and have Boutte finish it off with a beastly 32 yard run for a TD. Vikings waste no time and push the ball down the field to hit Coles for a 28 yard td pass from Tebow. GB tryin to answer back before the half throws a big INT and gives the Vikings a chance to take control on the game before half. Vikings then hit the wide open Carlson for a 5 yard TD pass to end the Half Vikings leading 21 to 14.

    The 2nd half start off with Packers kicking off to the Vikings but only to punt the ball to the Packers. Packers then take their time and push the ball down the field and have Boutte break another 20 yard TD run to tie the game back up. Then the defense comes into play for both sides but with a big special teams effort the Packers pin the Vikings at the 6yard line. Packers defense then goes with a inside blitz and some reason the Vikings try to pass the ball to only get a saftey giving the Packers the lead 23 to 21. Then Packers coming back down the field to help Davis off a play action for a 18 yard TD pass in the middle of the field. Packers defense still holding strong and get the ball back to go back to the run game and have Boutte break off maybe his biggest run of the year a 62 yard TD run to end the 3rd quarter 37 to 21.

    The 4th quarter starts with some killer defense by both sides and some how the Vikings ending up getting a big TD to try and keep themself in the game hitting Carlson for his 2nd TD of the game on a 7yard TD pass and also get the 2pt conv. Vikings defense really tryin to step up big late in the game to give Tebow another chance. Packers unable to get anything going end up giving the ball back to the Vikings. Vikings see the gutzs blitz by the Packers and hit Sidney Rice for a 58 yard TD pass and get the 2pt conv to tie the game up at 37 with less then 2 minutes left in the game. Packers able to get some good plays going and running the clock to make sure and not let Tebow have another chance to win the game. Packers finally hit rookie Morgan for a big 3rd down play for 23 yard pass and put them in GREAT FG range to end the game on a last second FG to end the game 40 to 37 Packers taking control of the division once again and sweeping the Vikings.

    Great Game Jeremy maybe one of the best i have been apart of.

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