Week 12 Power Rankings

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 12 Power Rankings

    1. Giants - Jonathan Stewart for MVP?
    2. Patriots - Now things get tough!
    3. Chargers - Back pounding another AFC West Rival.
    4. Colts - Wow. . .a loss to the Ravens. A CPU game but still.....
    5. Seahawks - Looking like the 2nd best team in the NFC. Very consistent.
    6. Texans - Big win against the rival Titans.
    7. Vikings - First loss validates what the power rankings staff has been saying. . .
    8. Cowboys - That's a good win over a tough division foe.
    9. Eagles - I'll say it again. . .if they want to become elite they need to play some DEFENSE!
    10. Jaguars - 5 wins in a row. Perhaps the hottest team in the OMFL.
    11. Bills - Tough loss on the road. Need to rebound quickly with a tough schedule remaining.
    12. Panthers - That loss to the Dolphins they might regret when playoff berths are handed out.
    13. Falcons - Just getting pounded in back to back weeks.
    14. Saints - Need to keep winning in order to catch the two division rivals directly in front of them.
    15. Steelers - Gutted one out against a scrappy Kansas City team.
    16. Titans - Altough they might by ranked here, the playoffs are completely out of their reach now. Just the wrong division for them.
    17. Bengals - An ugly win. . .but a win nonetheless.
    18. Raiders - Not a loss you can afford at this juncture.
    19. Bears - They are still in things up North.
    20. Dolphins - Don't let their record fool you, this is one of the better teams in the OMFL now.
    21. Redskins - Fans now clamoring for Dan Snyder. Ouch!
    22. Ravens - That's a solid solid win. Might hurt though come draft time.
    23. 49ers - These wins now are meaningless.
    24. Packers - All that talent has produced squat!
    25. Lions - Finally! Is this franchise starting to turn the corner? They are now competitive on a week to week basis.
    26. Broncos - That butt whopping has put them back in their place.
    27. Rams - Well, at least they can beat up on the bottom team in these rankings.
    28. J-E-T-S - Dunno about that improvement we talked about last week.
    29. Browns - It's offiicial. . .power ranking staff now NOT on the bandwagon.
    30. Buccaneers - They couldn't keep up with the Saints.
    31. Chiefs - That 'moral victory' might save Winuvas's job.
    32. Cardinals - Goodness gracious. I think its time for Matt Leinart.
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    #2 falls - details tomorrow

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