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Week 12: Texans(7) vs. Titans(34)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 12: Texans(7) vs. Titans(33)


    The Titans defense was key in a dominating defeat of the Texans in a AFC south rivalry with big playoff implications.

    The Tennessee titans hosted the Houston texans this week in the omfl. The titans came into this game on a huge high after a big win over the colts last week to get them back into the wildcard picture. The one team that was in the Titans way was the divisional rival, the Texans. The texans had the tiebreaker and the one game lead over the titans but with the wacky madden schedulator, the titans had 4 divisional games left against the colts and texans with only 6 games left in the season. Coach Ox said in a press conference this week, "Some coaches would rather have cupcake games to close the season and play most of the divisional games in the middle of the season but not me. It has given the titans a chance to get back into the wildcard picture, and nothing better to prepare of the playoffs then to play the best of the best in the AFC south late in the season." After titans RB lendel white lead the titans to a victory against the colts last week, Coach Ox changed it up at practice, instead of white getting only carries when CJ needed a break, white got the carries to SET UP CJ and boy did he produce some big runs in a huge game for both teams.

    The Texans won the toss to start the first and declined the ball to the second half. On the first play from scrimmage, Lendell White playing his new role of setting up CJ, took the ball and did some amazing things....

    After White bulldozed the Texans defense, the game started to settle down a bit, both defenses stepped it up and forced a couple punts as no offense could get much rhythm going. Coach Ox was happy with this as the battle of field position was slowly tipping in his favor with each punt. After starting with great field position and setting up the PA on great runs by CJ and white, Titans QB Vince Young found WR Kenny Britt in between the safeties and on a great second effort lunge, scored on the 22 yd pass to make it a 14 point game early in the second quarter. More good defense continued until late in the second quarter. After a FG by the titans to go up by 17, Texans QB Matt Schaub found RB Felix Jones lined up in the slot all by himself and scored on the pretty 13 yd pass to get the texans on the board for the first time all game. The titans got the ball with less than a minute left, but gained enough yards to add a FG with seconds left to make the halftime score 20-7.

    The titans got the ball to start the second half and continued to wear out the defense with big gains by CJ and White. It seemed Coach Ox was just using his offense to keep the clock running with mostly run plays and some high percentage passes while the titan defense swarmed Schaub and Co. with some big hits and TOs. There still was no pressure on the Titans to score but soon CJ made some big plays to put the titans up for sure. With minutes to go in the third, Vince Young found CJ on a screen pass and after a brilliant user juke, found the endzone shown here....

    After another poor performance by the texans offense on their next possession, CJ got the ball again, only this time, ran right up the gut for the 80yd rushing TD. Coach Ox said in a press confernce after the game "Im so proud of my lineman on that play, with even a lineman getting a key block on a safety that lead to the huge run and TD... when you watch, look at that blocking!

    With CJ sitting for the 4th Q, Coach Ox and the titans would now go to almost an exclusive run game just to keep the clock running and to give big boy lendell white a little extra workout. The titans defense stayed strong like all game and kept everything infront of them and after some "missed" FGs by the titans kicker, the clock ran out on a scoreless 4th quarter as the titans win big, 33-7.


    Young- 7-15 142yds 2TD0INT
    White- 12rush 118yds 1TD
    CJ- 16rush 167yds 1TD, 1rec 37yds 1TD
    Purcell- 4rec 77yds

    Schaub- 14-29 183yds 1TD1INT
    Jones-12rush 30yds, 5rec 52yds 1TD
    A. Johnson- 3rec 48yds

    Lendel White and Chris Johnson.

    Easy pick as they both averaged about 10 yards a carry! That enough would be enough but they also added 3 total TDs in the Titans victory.

    GG dunn, it started off bad for you buddy and you never could tip it back into your favor. At least you dont have to wait long for that rematch with the way the schedule is. You got super lucky that dunlap is MIA for who knows how long, i already played him and lost twice, you might get to play someone else.... lucky...
  2. DJDunn6

    DJDunn6 Walk On

    Feb 19, 2010
    Good job by you man I was outplayed and out coached in this one in every way. For some strange reason I actually match up well with Dunlap so we will see what happens with that game in the end. I have a feeling he will have a system back to play, but will the game mean anything for him. Good Game see you in 2 weeks hopefully I play better. Weird it lists you as the home team on the site and we just played at Tenn strange...Good luck the rest of the way to you...
  3. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    home home would be very nice,GG dunn. i didnt want to send you a msg afterwards due to being a text and maybe getting charged for it

    I got ALL the breaks, some games are like that, hopefully i can fend stuff like that off for the rest of the season..... hopefully

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