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Week 12

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Thelou, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Week 12

    Jags visited the Raiders and it was Jags early, all Jags, all game. The Raiders never showed up as the Jags took the opening kickoff and marched down the field on a 5 min drive that ended with a Kelly to Jennings TD pass to make it 7-0. After that the Jags did basically whatever they wanted and the Raiders put up no fight. Even when the game was in control and the Jags was trying to keep the clock moving but just running straight dives with the HB and FB, they still managed to score. Final score was Jags 35, Raiders 0.

    Bad game Savaunte. We usually have great games and this was just a freak occurence. I know you're way better than that. GL the rest of the way and just forget this game.
  2. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009

    As usual I'd like to thank my sub owner for this game TankWillis. I definately had my work cut out for me inmy sub owner games thus far this year and this one was no different.

    The Titans have been riding a recent wave of good play. Starting off hot was Jake Scott and the Titans offense. Kenny Britt took a play for 60 yards to the house after completely breaking four tackles. Britt continues his strong sophmore campaign with another 100 yard game. After forcing a Peyton Manning int the Titans jumped out to a 14-0 early lead. Rookie FS Davon Morrison again picked off Manning and the Titans before long were up 21-0. At this point the Colts played like the Colts. Narrowing the gap from 21-0 to 21-14 in the 3rd the Titans knew they had to keep answering. Every time the Colts came back to within one score the Titans would answer and keep it a two score game. In the end the Titans extended their winning streak to 3 games as they held off for the victory 34-21.

    *Tennessee now it 6-5 and right on the heels of division leading Jacksonville. Next week is a big showdown against the Dallas Cowboys.
  3. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Rams(45) @ Cardinals(14)

    The rams made their trip to Arizona this week in their home and home series with their division rival, the cardinals.
    The cardinals scored early with a 92 yd dash by rookie HB middlebrook, completely surprizing the rams as the scouting report said the cardinals leaned on the passing game. The cardinals defense was strong also as they kept the rams out of the endzone for the first quarter.
    In the second quarter, the rams shook their rust off and scored 10 straight points with a FG and a TD pass by bulger to make it 10-7. Late in the first half, rookie HB middlebrook scored again and gave the rams the lead. This, however was the last time the cardinals would score and the Rams would riddle off 35 points straight to end the game 45-14.

    Game Notes:

    Mark Bulger 24 of 28 361 yards 3 TD 1 INT, 1 rushing TD
    Donnie Avery 6 rec 120 yds 2TD
    Steven Jackson 22 rush 106yds 1 TD

    Player of the game:

    Rams LB J. Laurinaitis - 8 tackles, 4 for loss, 1 fum recovery, 1 INT, 1 Sack, 1 TD

    The undefeated rams now head down the home stretch of their schedule, however, it is the hardest part with the rams facing 3 division leaders and the next 4 combine to have 30-11 record.
  4. adross33

    adross33 Walk On

    Sep 2, 2009
    Bengals @ Broncos

    Bronco's Bite Bengals

    Denver - Despite the soggy conditions Bronco fans slapped on rain coats and watched as Denver dominated Cincinnati Sunday evening, taking down the Bengals 37-7.

    Carson Palmer's long day started on the opening drive throwing one of his three picks and giving the Bronco's decent field position. While the weather made things tough Denver opened up the scoring on the leg of Matt Prather from 40 yards out. The sloppy field would prove to be not so kind to Cincy's rookie kicker Justyn Price as he missed from under 30 yards out to end the first quarter 3-0 Denver.

    Denver fed Larry Johnson the bal and stuck to a short passing game in an effort to move the ball and prevent turning it over. Johnson took a short pitch, broke a few tackles and scampered 25 yards for the games first score.

    Prather added another short field goal after a decent Bengal defensive stand and the half ended 13-0 Broncos.

    Denver continued to dominate to start the third adding another score on the legs of Peyton Hillis to make 19-0 with more than 5 minutes to go in the third. Struggling throughout the game Cincy decided to go for it on 4th and a long 5 in their own end and the gamble backfired as the turnover led to another Bronco score and a 27-0 lead.

    Cincy got a fourth quarter score and continued to gamble forcing Denver to sit on the ball in an effort to not run the score up. The game ended with Champ Bailey intercepting Palmer for the third and final time, taking it 80 plus yards and stepping out at the 3 yard line.

    "Adding another score wouldn't have made us any better as a team" said Bailey at the end of the game. "Those guys (the Bengals) just didn't have much going their way tonight and I don't need another stat line; like the rest of us, I have a bigger goal".

    The win moves the Bronco's to 10-1 while the Bengals fall out of playoff contention. Matt Cassel passed the 2000 yard mark despite missing significant time with an elbow injury while the Denver defense had 4 take away, 3 interceptions, a FF and a FR.

    Game Notes

    Cassel 16/23 240 2TD 1INT
    Palmer 20/30 216 0TD 3INT

    LJ 12 68 1TD
    Scott 7 28 1TD

    Royal 6 83
    Scott 4 24

    GG Stealth ... might have been a different game if you didn't miss the FG's ... and got off to a better start
  5. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    Someone care to explain the SEA/MIN game?
  6. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    I will - I played Mac who subbed for the Seahawks.

    Writeup to come.
  7. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    Vikings 55 Seahawks 38

    The Vikings invaded Seattle Sunday, where Coach Mac was filling in as this week's Seahawk celebrity owner. Both teams apparantly left their defenses at home, and Coach Mac left his class in Arizona as well following through with a pre game threat that he was aiming to injure as many Vikings as he could. Coach Mac apparantly was still upset with last weeks season killing loss to Coach Willis when he was subbing for the Seahawks, and looked to this game to ruin the Vikes season when he sent Brady Quinn out early with a knee injury. Fortunately for the Vikes, the injury looked worse than it was, and Brady should be able to play next week when the VIkes travel to Buffalo.

    Big plays. If you blinked during the game chances were you would have missed a score. The Vikings would put up 55 points spreading the ball around through the air and allowing the leagues premiere back to carry them on the ground on his way to 120+ yards and 4 TDs, including a 76 yard scamper that left the Seattle safety looking a little silly. (Note more TDs could have been scored but kneels on 4th downs midway through the 4th while inside the 5 yard line ,etc helped keep score down :) )

    Before leaving with the knee injury Quinn was extremely accurate, hitting 12 of 14 passes for 200 yards and a score to Brooks Foster late in the 1st half.

    For the Seahawks the promise Morrow showed last week (400 yds 4 TDs) showed up again Sunday in the form of 450 yards and 4 TDs. But rookie inexperience also led to a whopping 6 INTs and 3 sacks on the day.

    GG Mandy - even though you tried your best to hurt my players I forgive you. I'd be bitter too if I was you:)

    Game notes:
    - 2 Ints for both Nnamdi and S Tyrell Johnson. Asher Allen also records 1st of the year. Rookie Prince Justin gets 4th INT.

    - Tyrell Johnson also adds sack on the day. DT Taylor adds 2 QB takedowns on the day as well.

    - 9 different Vikings have receptions.

    - Vikings limit Seahawks to -1 yards rushing on the day as Seattle completely forgets about the run game.
  8. bigmandy54

    bigmandy54 mac54

    Nov 14, 2009
    I subed in for the Seahawks, Mags just letting you know but, what about the rest of the league who still played cpu and no one gets called out? Moreover, don't even post games write ups? I hope u take care of this and that this is not just directed at the new guys playing this season.
  9. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    GG Trude.

    That 60 yarder to Britt was insane. Couldn't believe he broke all those tackles.

    Good luck the rest of the way. Hope we meet again :)
  10. gt86

    gt86 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Week 12 would be the battle for Texas as the Texans would visit the Cowboys. The Texans would get the ball first and promptly drive down the field but have their drive stall and have to settle for a 21 yd fg which gave them a 3-0 lead. On the ensuing kickoff things would get worse for the Cowboys as their returner Barnes would fumble the return. That would set the Texans up with a short field and they would take advantage with a 1 yd Td run by Slaton to push their lead to 10-0. The Cowboys would go 3 and out on their next possesion and things were starting to look real ugly with the Texans driving again. Then with 6 secs left in the 1st qtr Cowboys Lber Milton would pick a Shaub pass after Schaub was hit and rumble 79 yds for the Td to get the Boys on the board 10-7. In the 2nd qtr the Cowboys would take the lead on a 24 yd Td run by rookie Rb Keller to give the Cowboys a 14-10 lead. They would extend the lead a few mins later when Romo would hit Keller on a screen pass for a 14 yd Td pass and run to extend their lead to 21-10 going into halftime.

    In the 2nd half things would get worse for the Texans as the Cowboys put up 10 more unanswered point in the 3rd qtr. With a Fg and a 2 yd Td run from Barber which was be setup by a 50 yd run by Hb Keller. The Texans would finally score again with a 72 yd pass to Andre Johnson for a Td to make the score 31-17. The Cowboys would answer right back with another drive that would be capped off with 29 secs left in the qtr when Barber would break free for a 21 yd Td run to give push the lead back to 21 points 38-17. The 4th qtr would see the Texans try to get back into the game but not be able to and the Cowbosy tack on a Fg to make the final score 41-17.

    gg bud gl rest of the way
  11. tankwillis

    tankwillis Walk On

    Sep 18, 2009
    Great writeup GT! Man I loved the highlights!! With so many big plays it is a good thing EA gives us so many save slots :)
  12. Millertime

    Millertime Guest

    Jets 24, Bills 21

    Ahhhh, poor Polo. You definitely deserved to win this game, but I'll take the dramatic finish.

    The Jets jumped out to an early 14-0 lead after an INT return for a TD by Lito Sheppard, then a 78 yard TD reception by Leon Washington. It looked like the Jets would romp, but the Bills battled back.

    Fast forward to the 4th quarter where the Jets were clinging to a 21-17 lead. After the 1st quarter, Buffalo dominated the rest of the game on both sides of the ball. And their dominance showed up on their final drive, as Marshawn Lynch punched in the go-ahead TD with just under one minute remaining. Lynch rushed for 127 yards and a TD in the game.

    So with 58 seconds left and Kellen Clemens in the game for the injured Mark Sanchez, it looked bleak for NY. It was a shaky final drive; with a few 3rd down conversions and a critical 4th and 10 conversion, but Clemens at least got NY into striking distance. Then, with 3 seconds remaining on what would wind up being the last play of the game, Clemens dropped back, he scrambled, and he FOUND Jamarion Bellows in the back of the endzone for a 26 yard TD reception! Polo hoped for a booth review as Bellows was close to the back line, but it didn't happen (replays showed Bellows was clearly in bounds afterwards). And I have the highlight saved, but not sure how to get it on here....

    Anyway, awesome game. Tough one to swallow for sure Polo. You deserved the win.
  13. PoloMD

    PoloMD Walk On

    Jul 29, 2009
    Great game Miller, very fun and a tough one, You deserve all the credit and the win.
    Your defense was great, and your last drive with your backup QB with less than a minute on the 4th was just marvelous.
    We have our old divisional rivalry back, and that is just great.
    At least M. Sanches got unjured for real (5 weeks), i feel better now LOL.

    GG and cya soon in Buffalo, i will take care of you backup QB on that one. ;)
  14. bigjunior31

    bigjunior31 Walk On

    Nov 18, 2009
    Phins 31 @ Lions 26

    This game started out shake for the Lions as ronnie brown and his 5 horsemen would go to work on the ground game and Brown would shake off a defender for 25 yard TD run to put the phins up 7-0.

    The Lions first drive was bleak and the dolphins defense which shined in the first half would stop the Lions in its tracks and force a punt.

    After a great punt return by Ted Ginn the Dolphins setup shop in lions territory. Facing a 3rd and short Henne would drop back and caught the Lions in a zone defense and waited and finally drew in enough lions to go ahead with the HB screen to Ronnie Brown in which he would go 35+ yards to put miami up 14-0.

    The Lions would end up punting the ball away on its next two drives of the half and Miami just couldn't capitalize on special teams as dan carpenter missed two FG's wide left and the phins and lions headed into the half 14-0 score.

    In the 2nd half the Lions would get the ball to start out the 3rd and they would finally pick up a few first downs but the dolphins defense would force another punt and this time the special teams capitalized as Ted Ginn would take one 65+ yards to pay dirt giving miami a 21-0 lead.

    Miami would put 3 more points on the board leading 24-0 and then the someone woke up the lions passing game because they just started picking apart the dolpohins secondary.

    The lions would score 3 TD's in probably about 5 minutes of game time and we had about 5 left to play with the lions once again leading its offense down the field trailing 31-20 after Ronnie brown broke another big run.

    Stanford would hit his favorite target C. Johnson for his 2nd or 3rd of the day only trailing 26-31 now.

    Miami would get the ball back with under 2 mins to go and faced a huge 2nd and long and Ricky WIlliams would take the pitch to the outside and pick up the first but go out at the 1 yard line and from there the Phins would kneel down and let the clock expire as the phins escaped the motor city with a huge win that nearly got away.

    GG Scared and nice comeback one of the best passing games ive seen this year.
  15. hendrikx

    hendrikx Banned

    Dec 16, 2009
    Good game and good luck.
  16. scared46

    scared46 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2009
    Nice win bud. Sorry for the fourth down going for it. I wasn't trying to but I was just playing MW2 and I was hitting the wrong buttons and I didn't want to waste a timeout then. I don't know why I tried a new playbook when I been using the same one pretty much all season but, it really didn't start working for me until it was too late. Great defense and this game my team couldn't tackle. GL rest of the way Phins....
  17. Mags

    Mags Former MEGA PC Commish

    Feb 20, 2009
    NEW ORLEANS, LA - The Ravens made themselves at home in the Big Easy, expanding a 24-0 lead at the half to a 38-10 win. The offense went on a long drive to start the game with Tim Tribow taking an option keeper in from 3 yards out. After a defensive hold, the Ravens put a FG on the board. Another defensive stop, another drive, this time capped by Ray Rice. Brees came out gunning looking to close the gap but an errant pass was picked off by rookie Rakeem Jordan and returned for a TD. Right before the half, the Ravens looked to put another defensive score on the board as Webb returned a fumble 51 yards, but a booth review ruled the player down.

    Into the 3rd quarter, the Ravens offense remained on point. Flacco closed out the scoring for the starters, connecting with Demetrius Williams for a score, and running in an 8 yard TD of his own. The second stringers played out the end of the 3rd and the 4th quarter. The Saints broke the shutout with a FG, and Brees later added a TD toss to Jonathan Stewart. The Raven D played well, holding the Saints potent run game to only 21 yards while intercepting Brees three times. Flacco was a perfect 12-12 including the TD toss.

    Ravens 38
    Saints 10

    GG Scholt
  18. Gotham

    Gotham Walk On

    Aug 20, 2009
    Turnovers and defense were the name of the game in Carolina. The Panthers would strike early and strike hard, taking a 13-0 lead, before some nice plays by the Bucs would give them a 14-13 lead at the half. In the second half, the Panthers defense turned up the heat, forcing 3 turnovers from Freeman. It almost wasn't enough as Tampa lead by 11 late late in the third quarter. An interception for a field goal, and an interception for a touchdown was enough to get the boys in Black & Blue the win, 28-27.

    GG JC, cya in Tampa!
  19. chrisdstan

    chrisdstan Walk On

    Jul 29, 2009
    Big NFC battle with the 9-2 Packers taken on the 10-1 Giants. Packers get on the boards with a huge 10-0 lead. Giants did get on the board the 2nd quarter with a td pass to nicks. It was still not enough as the Packer go into the locker room with a 16-7 lead. With being down we couldnt really get a run game going so we had to turn to the pass and Eli coming into the 3rd quarter through a 75 yard pass to Rookie Hightower for a td score 16-14. After getting the game close we figure we could work on stopping the Pack and getting the ball back but towminutes later Rodgers throws a 11yrd strike to Jennings for the easy td 23-14 Packers..Dayum after climbing back into the game we down going into the 4th. Huge 4th quarterand man it was real drama. Giants pretty much had the ball most of the 4th scoring 3 times but it was the last 2mins I will never forget as it turned into a old fashion shootout. With 1:23 lefted in the game the Giants finally was ahead and looking for the win. Rodgers comes out of the huddle and lobs a ball right over ss phillips head to Jennings and he takes it 71yrds to the house but when they tried the 2pt converstion it failed. With less then a minute lefted in the game Eli get sacked. Now we really have togo but Eli throws a lob pass to Nicks with All Pro saftey Collins covering but somehow Collins miss played the ball and Nicks took it 67yrd to the box for the td and completed the two point togo up 3 and seal the game 32-29.

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