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Week 13 (2013)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wick36, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Jul 14, 2010
  2. Selvy9

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    Dec 22, 2011
    Wake Forest Bounces Back With 21-12 Win Over #19 Clemson

    It was far from pretty at times, but in the end the Deacon Defense did enough to keep Clemson off the board and help Wake Forest earn a morale boosting W.

    The Demon Deacons opened the scoring with an impressive, lengthy scoring drive, capped by a 2 yard TD pass from Tanner Price to backup TE Aaron Rook. Clemson would answer right back with their hurry up offense, and Tahj Boyd found Cooper from 17 yards out for the TD. The extra point was blocked, and this would be a crucial point later in the game.

    With the 1st half winding down, Wake Forest finally got some rhythm back, and Mike Campanero would score on a pretty pitch and catch from 19 yards out, and just beat his defender to the pylon. With Clemson trying to answer with about a minute left in the half, K Johnson would step in front of a stop route and outrace the receiver to the end zone for the final Wake Forest score of the game.

    The 2nd half belonged to the defenses, and more specifically Godspower Offor, whose 8 TFL and 6 sacks led a dominant Wake Forest front 7, who accounted for a total of 17 TFLs in holding Clemson to just 58 rushing yards on 32 carries. A late Tiger touchdown could have made things interesting, but with the blocked XP in the 1st quarter, Clemson was forced to go for 2 and failed, keeping the deficit to 2 scores, and Wake Forest saw the game out comfortably.
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    Apr 22, 2012
    Cowboys Avoid Nightmare Upset... At a Cost
    The Cowboys rolled into Manhattan eager to play the Kansas State Wildcats, perhaps not eager enough. Perhaps the Pokes were looking ahead to Oklahoma next week in their rivalry game season finale' or maybe it was just an off day. Whatever the cause of this lackluster performance was, Coach Gundy is just glad it didn't cost his team dearly in the polls, "You'd think that after a win like that there's reason to be excited. There haven't been too many extremely close games like that in the past two years. I almost forgot what it's like to be on the edge nearly every play. I am very happy for this team that we were able to get the win today. These guys work so hard and I couldn't be more proud of how they fought through adversity on the road where all they had was each other to get this win.
    However, I also have some bad news, as many of you noted, Zac Butler left the game near the end of the 3rd quarter and never returned. I've been informed that Zac suffered a ruptured disc in his lower back and will miss the remainder of the season. We will miss Zac on the field. He's our leading receiver in yards and touchdowns, but we will have to move forward without one of our best play makers on the field. Zac has a difficult rehab ahead of him of R and R. The actual rehab process may not be as difficult as an ACL tear or broken bone, but I know Zac is going to hate having to watch his team mates play without him for the rest of the season."
    The Wildcats jumped out to a 14-0 start in the first quarter thanks to a misfiring Cowboy offense and defense. Both teams started on three and outs, but the Oklahoma State offense continued to sputter throughout the quarter while Kansas State started to build momentum behind the running of half back John Hubert and quarterback Daniel Sams. Hubert broke tackles and Sams scrambled through the Cowboy defense when no one was open down field. The first quarter ended 14-7 Wildcats after a 36 yard touchdown pass from Clint Chelf to Josh Stewart.
    The second quarter unfolded exactly like the first. Chelf was sacked by a very suspicious, perfectly timed blitz *cough cough* shake *cough cough* by a cornerback following the slot receiver motion across the field. The sack resulted in a fumble recovery for the Wildcats. However, the Cowboy defense stiffened inside the red zone and forced a field goal attempt. The inconsistent Cowboy offense continued to be.. well, inconsistent. Chelf was struggling to complete passes, and Randle was struggling to run the ball. The offensive line would allow four sacks in the first half. Kansas State was able to put together a drive that resulted in a Hubert 9 yard touchdown run with only 1:59 remaining until the half. You Cowboy fans know what comes next, the famous Gundy two minute offense. Chelf and company were struggling to move the ball at all, but after moving the ball to the 50 yard line, Chelf threw the ball up to Josh Stewart streaking past the corner after the defense jumped offsides. Stewart scampered into the endzone with 0:23 on the clock. 14-24 Kansas State at the half.
    Daniel Sams lead an amazing drive to start the second half. The Wildcats seemed to be clicking on all cylinders as they never even faced a third down on the entire 1:53 touchdown drive. Sams capped the drive off on a 16 yard scramble, his second rushing touchdown of the day. The story of the game so far had been Kansas State's defense. Holding Oklahoma State to 14 points in a quarter is usually an achievement, but the Wildcats had held the Cowboy offense to 14 in the first half and nearly 14 through three quarters.
    It was late in the third quarter that Mike Gundy changed his game plan. Zac Butler had just left the game with an injury and the offense needed a spark. "During the injury timeout we decided to start attacking the safeties. Their corners were playing great and we just weren't able to hit the short to medium passes that we thrive on. We had beaten the safety earlier on in the game and we knew we could continue to do so if we got them to align up on our slot receivers," said Gundy. The change in scheme immediately saw results. One play later Blake Jackson streaked past backup free safety Joseph Bonugli for a 37 yard touchdown. 21-34 Kansas State at the end of the 3rd.
    The attack on Bonugli continued in the 4th quarter. A three and out gave the Oklahoma State offense the ball back at the beginning of the quarter. Torrance Carr ran past Bonguli for another long touchdown. Oklahoma State was down only 6 with nearly an entire quarter to play, and there was never a better time for the Cowboy defense to shut down the Kansas State offense. The clamps were put down on Hubert and when the Wildcat offense faced passing situations they were ready to defend the scramble.
    The final Oklahoma State drive was one of familiarity. The deep passes effectively loosened up the secondary and allowed Clint Chelf to hit the underneath passes in which his receivers were able to gain yards after the catch. After crossing the Kansas State 30 yard line the offense began to slow it down. Randle became the feature player on the offense as the ball was kept on the ground and the clock moving. A gassed Wildcat defense was unable to stop the rushing attack and Randle scooted into the endzone from 4 yards out with 2:48 remaining. The Wildcats' comeback big did not even begin to develop. Sams was unable to gain a yard through through the air on the first three plays and a 4th down check down did not allow the Wildcats to pick up the first. A collective breath was exhaled by Cowboy fans as Chelf came in to kneel off the final 1:42 on the game clock.
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