Week 13 Cowboys(38) @ Dolphins(35)

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    Week 13 Cowboys(38) @ Dolphins(35)

    GG TRude
    Cowboys Survive Dolphin Attack
    Great game took place in South Florida as the Cowboys came away with a win over the Dolphins 38-35. The Cowboys were able to take the lead early in the second quarter but TRude made sure his Dolphins were never down by much as 3 points separated the teams for much of the second half. The Dolphins shut down the run game for the Cowboys for nearly the entire contest, holding Barber to a meak 21 yards on 11 carries. Tony Romo looked good completeing 25-28 for 333 yards and 1 TD. Rookie FS Tailer Benard finally started making the plays the Cowboys thought he would when they drafted him this year, coming away with 2 INT returning one for a late TD to put the game out of reach for the Phins. Terrance Newman also added 2 INT to make his total 9 on the year which is tied for second most interceptions in the league.


    Key Stats
    T. Romo 25-28 333YRDS 2TD
    J. Witten 9REC 128YRDS 2TD
    T. Benard 2INT 1TD

    C. Henne 16-31 342YRDS 4INT 3TD
    R. Brown 9ATT 102YRDS 1TD
    A. Gonzalez 4REC 106YRDS 1TD


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