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Week 13 Dolphins knock off rival Jets

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by DJDunn6, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. DJDunn6

    DJDunn6 Walk On

    Feb 19, 2010
    Whenever these 2 rivals line up in The Q the team that wins the game usually wasn't the team that should have, this game was no exception.

    The Dolphins started out hot but as was the case most of the day just could not punch it into the end zone and what should have been a larger lead was only 6-0 mid way through the first half. Miami used some ball control and ran the ball efficiently but just could not score 7. The Jets didn't have much luck either moving the ball far but on a 3rd and short broke through. The Dolphins sold out thinking run and got caught with a SS in the box leaving half the field bare and the Jets hit a PA bomb to Andre Johnson who was open by 40 yards to take a 7-6 lead. This seemed to be a small flood gate of bad decisions to come as on the ensuing KR Miami fumbled handed the Jets a FG making it 10-6. The Dolphins seemed to just stop executing and the coaching staff did not help. With the half coming to a close soon Miami tried to get into FG range and stop the big MO the Jets had at home. Yards seemed to be hard to come by but Miami managed to cross mid field. However on a 3rd and short Miami thought they had the first down and called another play, for some reason the EA banner comes over over the down and distance marker on the screen on close plays and Coach Dunn didn't realize it was actually 4th down 2 plays after the fact. As the clock ran Miami decided to go anyway just out of FG range and threw a pick. The Jets capitalized on yet another error in judgement by Miami and tossed up a hail mary at the gun that of course Andre Johnson came down with in double coverage making it 17-6 in a flash the Jets at the break.

    Miami seemed dead in the second half as the team exchanged field position and not much offense at all. Late in the 3rd Geno Smith would be short of the line to gain on 3rd down and Miami had some life but yet again only managed a FG getting the score back to within 8 at 17-9. The Fish on D seemed to gain some energy however and stuffed the Jets again. Ryan Tannehill came to the line and wanted to make sure his team fought back and found a streaking Mike Wallace in between a S and a CB for 39 yards and the O had a spark. Miami would score mid way through 4th finally a TD by K Moreno but dropped a 2pt conversion attempt 17-15 Jets. The Dolphins would get a Smith interception with just under 3 mins left around mid field and look to drain some clock and walk out with a FG for the win. The Dolphin OL had other ideas however as they moved the ball down the field setting up a Lamar Miller TD run on 3rd and goal with under a minute to play 22-17 Miami. The Dolphins would get another pick of Geno Smith in late desperation and hold off the Jets on the road and keep playoff hopes alive. GG TJ I stole that one for sure late...
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