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Week 13 Falcons 28 Texans 27

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by biggcoug65, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    With the Falcons needing a win to hold onto a playoff spot for now, they sure didnt play like they wanted it early on. Matt Ryan threw an INT on the first play from scrimmage, which led to a TD run by Arian Foster. The Falcons then had to punt on their next possession, and Ryan threw another pick after that. After the 1st quarter, the Falcons trailed the Texans 17-0. In that 1st quarter the Texans offense was virtually unstoppable, mixing in pass and run plays for 3 scoring drives.
    In the 2nd quarter, the only scoring play was a Matt Ryan TD pass to Roddy White, streaking down the sideline with 1:32 left in the half. That made the halftime score 17-7 in favor of the Texans.
    The 3rd quarter was pretty bland until Michael Turner busted a 50 yard TD run to bring the Falcons within a FG at 14-17. However, it did not take the Texans long to stretch the lead again, as on their next possession they drove down the field and Foster got his 2nd TD run of the game. On the Falcons ensuing possession, after pounding the rock previously, they opened up with play-action and Matt Ryan found Roddy White on a streak for an 80-yard-bomb. Again, the Falcons were within 3 with 6:11 left in the game. The Texans would hang onto the ball for a while, driving down the field, moving the chains on virtually every 3rd down, until finally, the Falcons defense made a stop, forcing a Rackers FG from 30 yards out. With only 2:24 left to play in the game, the Texans led 27-21 and the Falcons only had 1 timeout left. After getting a few first downs, Ryan had a couple of big pass plays to Tony Gonzales and then to Roddy White for a 20 yard TD with 1:10 left in the game. With only a 1 point lead, the Falcons coach was definitely nervous with all of the Texans talent out there. And the Teexans got the ball to midfield in a matter of plays, with :36 seconds left. But that would be their last first down, after a couple of batted balls and a near interception, Schaub's final pass on 4th and 10 fell incomplete to seal the game for the visiting Falcons. It was an epic battle pitt4life21, great game.


    M. Ryan (ATL) - 17/31 316 yards 3 TD's 2 INT's
    M. Schaub (HOU) - 23/37 328 yards 1 TD

    M. Turner (ATL) - 14 for 112 yards 1 TD
    A. Foster (HOU) - 20 for 62 yards 2 TD's

    R. White (ATL) - 7 for 232 yards 3 TD's
    T. Gonzales (ATL) - 3 for 38 yards
    O. Daniels (HOU) - 5 for 142 yards
    A. Johnson (HOU) - 4 for 85 yards

    S. Weatherspoon (ATL) - 11 tackles, 5 TFL's, 2 sacks
    C. Lofton (ATL) - 11 tackles, 3 TFL's, 1 sack
    D. Manning (HOU) - 7 tackles 1 TFL
    B. Cushing (HOU) - 3 tackles, 2 TFL's, 1 INT
    J. Allen (HOU) - 1 INT

    Player of the game:
    Roddy White (ATL)
  2. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Sounds like a great one. That's a huge win for the Falcons, who are in heavy control of a playoff spot now.
  3. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    Yeah, with the losses of New York and Washington, and the Lions playing the undefeated Saints, things are looking better! It was a great battle on the field

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