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Week 13 Lions vs Bears

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Anthrax78, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Anthrax78

    Anthrax78 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2012
    Lions Edge Bears on Clutch Defensive Play at Solider Field, 26-21
    The Detroit Lions have had recent success against the Bears since coach Martin Westcott took over the helm late in the 2012 season, going 4-0 so far and looking at another "easy" win on the road against a Chicago Bears squad that have been playing better football lately.
    It was too bad the Bears and coach Craig Brown had different ideas about the afternoon match-up.
    The Lions have been bitten hard once again with the injury bug, losing rookie Jayrone Harris again and Walker Stream to hamper their offense and lean on their depth, Titus Young got the start and Stephens-Howling also got the start in the backfield instead of the anemic rushing attack behind Ladarius Mitchell. Initially, it paid off well in the Lions opening drive as the Lions milked 5 minutes off a long drive that ended in a touchdown pass to Titus Young and a 7-0 lead.
    The Bears however, showed their resiliency though, after the Lions connected on a long field goal and a 10-0 lead, Cutler and TE Miles Hall started to connect and it ended with a short Matt Forte touchdown run and cut the lead to 3. Then, first ballot hall of famer MLB Brian Ulacher picked off a Stafford pass and the Bears tied the game on a field goal and Soldier Field was rocking. The Lions held on to have a tied game at the half, 10-10.
    The second half of the game turned into a defensive battle that NFC North traditionalists love. The Bears gained momentum after a long drive that ended in a short field goal, when they hit on a huge touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall after the Lions took the lead back on their last possession from a Stafford touchdown pass. Free Safety Louis Delmas shattered his collarbone in the third on a Forte tackle and the Bears had a 21-17 lead in the early fourth.
    Detroit moved back down the field quickly, but they ended up being stuffed at the 1 yard line and the bears front line kept them out of the end zone. "It was a very tough call for me on that play" Westcott said after the game "I felt with three timeouts and 4 minutes left that we would get one more chance at least, which goes against my coaching style of risk taking but I just had a feeling." The Lions settled for the field goal, with the Bears up 1 with under 4 minutes in the game.

    Coach Westcott's decision paid off this time.
    The Bears took the kickoff and on their first play, 2nd year corner and 2013 defensive rookie of the year Mario Brown jumped a Cutler pass and picked 6'ed it giving Detroit a 26-21 lead after a failed 2-point conversion. The Bears had 3 minutes left but after a first down their drive stalled and they went 4 and out, giving Detroit the ball back and they ran the clock out clinching the victory.

    "Give coach Brown and that Bears squad credit" Westcott concluded "That was the best I've seen them play as a unit since I took over here and it frightening thinking about how good our division really is thinking about next season."
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  2. Craig Brown

    Craig Brown Walk On

    Jan 24, 2013
    That was a great read lol good game bud!

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