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Week 13: Niners win big division game vs Cards

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by MrWitness36, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. MrWitness36

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Niners first drive was big for 49ers Kaep whos been playing bad lately. On his first pass third play of the drive playaction pass to Vernon corner went for 67 yards. Niners offense looked to get warmed up getting up to the 5 yard line before a stingy cards put a end to that forcing a fg. Cards first drive also looked good with big run from Foster for 10 yards. Logan Thomas decided to air it out connecting 27 yards to Housler. Drive looking to come to a stop with Aldon Smith 8 yard loss sack. Logan tossing a 30 yard pass to Quick over FS Reid. Redzone alert McDonald caught Thomas on the run sacking him forcing cards into 3rd and long drive ended in fg tie ball game.

    Second series for 49ers looked to almost come to a quick end but on 3rd and 2 screen pass to Hunter taken for 52 yards being tackled on the 15 yardline. Next play 15 yard playaction pass to crabtree for a score 10-3. Forcing the Cards to a quick 3 and out niners will get the ball back. 3rd and 8 Kaep completion to colston keeping the ball moving. Placed into another 3rd down situation pass completed to Vernon across the middle. Goaline formation playaction pass to rookie TE Agurs for a touchdown 17-3.Housler again hauls in to get the cards past midfielfd but Thomas arm started to warm up completing a few more passes getting in the redzone.Tough defense forced Cards to a fg 17-6 but with a little under a minute left 49ers thrown a few passes to get in fg range thanks to crabtree 20-6 halftime.

    Second half went back and forth for the first few series both defense wasnt giving up any yards. on a 3rd and 10 interception by Bowman giving the 49ers good field position on the 29 yard line. pistol trips playaction 15 yard pass completed to RB Hyde putting 49ers in the redzone. After getting stuff Asante sack Kaep for a lost of 8 yards forcing a fg 23-6 end of 3rd. Thomas started slinging the ball trying to get his team back in the game time drifting away. Red hot FS Reid interception getting the Niners in gret field position. Kaepnand the offense starting to get luke warm havent scroed a touchdown since the second quarter. Cards with another defensive stand giving up just another fg 26-6 49ers cruising to 6 straight games.
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