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Week 13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by trutest, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. trutest

    trutest Walk On

    Jul 26, 2009
    Week 13

    Post summary here
  2. CaddilacRockBox

    CaddilacRockBox 3 Star Recruit

    Jul 9, 2009
    Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

    A pretty high scoring game with lots of mistakes for both sides. Philly caught some bad luck with injuries early having Desean Jackson and Lesean McCoy go down for the game. Matt Ryan had his worst game of the season throwing 3 picks, while Michael Turner undoubtably had his best. #33 put up 312 yds and 3 TDs on 27 carries. He really took over in the second half with TD runs of 70, 57, and 44 to clinch the game. Final score Atlanta Falcons 38, Philadelphia Eagles 24. Good game Gregoose.
  3. THE Gregoose

    THE Gregoose Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    Gg it was a great game until 4th quarter and my 1st half mistake could of kick a fg before end half but thre Int instead. Turner cannot be stopped he is a truly break tackled player he broke tackles when 5 guys was holding him lol it was insane. Injuries killed me but all around Eagles had a great ball distribution with mix plays.
  4. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    GB lost 27-16 to the ravens on the second attempt...first attempt connection was lost when GB was up 21-14...first user pick 6 of the year on the first attempt too....ah well..gg man
  5. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    Wk 13 Seattle - San Francisco

    Well, coming in Seattle needed to get this game, with San Fran leading the division, and facing a cupcake schedule the rest of the way, If Seattle is going to have any shot.

    Frank Gore came in 50 odd yards shy of 1000, having a monster year, BTW, running between the tackles for 1000 yards is not easy in this version, especially with the QB compliment '9ers have.


    Seattle wins the toss, and receives, drives to midfield and hasslebeck throws a pick to LB Brown on a crossing route, tried to fit it in a tiny window.

    9ers get a FG, and Big Mo', never want to win the toss and then blow the possession.

    0-3 49ers.

    But Seattle gets back on the horse and drives it right back down, a swing pass to HB Arrington, he breaks it left sideline, one man to beat (Safety Goldston as I recall) cracks him at the boundary, and its an insta-fumble into the trailing LB Spikes hands, Seattle doesnt challenge, ball never hit the ground.

    End of First Quarter: 0-3 SF.

    Fortunately, Seattles D is containing Gore, or at least slowign him down, making sure there is a 2nd and 3rd level beyond the POA, incase he breaks a tackle which he does regularly. '9ers throw from deep in their end. and its picked by Backup MLB Hawthorne, Seattle gets it to the 2, and stalls. FG.

    3-3 to open the 2nd. force a 3-out, and hawks back on O, but this time its WIllis with a pickoff, Hasslebeck had been relatively INT free lately, but 2 right away, in this one. Sets up a Nedney FG, with 3 minutes til half. 3-6 SF.

    I gotta hand it to Romo, he knows if he keeps calling good runs and pounding Gore eventually he will crack through. I kept waiting for the back breaker, seems like top HBs have that ability once a game, No exception for Gore, but luckily it hadnt happened yet.

    Seattles ball with 3:00 to play before the half. hasslebeck and Co. go to work, a couple nice plays on the ground, and then a long play to get the ball down to the goalline, Hasslebeck finds Houshmanzadeh on a shallow cross, against BNR just across the goalline from the 2. TD 'Hawks. 10-6 Seattle.

    SF's Rookie hurler Davis throws MLB Hawthorne another Pick in hurry up Offense, trying to get into scoring range. and seattle had a chance to pad the lead but stalled at the 34, and Mare missed a 51 yarder into a 10 mile wind. that was a wierd Play I could have sworn I got the 1st down, and called TO with 10 seconds to play thinking I would run one more play pickup a few more yards, call time and hit hte safe mid 30s FG. but it was 4th, and I had to try the Figgy.

    Halfime 10-6 Seattle, not comfortable at all, Gore and the boys getting the ball at half.

    3rd quarter was all Seattle, Gore floundered, as Seattle stiffened up and vaporized SF's Wildcat attempts, forcing a 3-out, some nice guessing by me, on where he was running, that stinking Wildcat is nasty.

    Hasslebeck hooked up with Justin Forsett on a 3rd and 4 screen right, for 14 yards to paydirt, what a gem Forsett has been, hes got moves for a 67 overall player. 17-6 Seattle.

    Davis throws another pick this one to DE Jackson one of the Madden 10 magic magnet picks by Dl, manual pick but still, its nuts how many pressured passes go directly to DL players now. Seattle cashes in with a pass to TE Carleson from 3 out, to stretch the score to 24-6 Seattle.

    Davis threw 1 more Pick to NB Jennings at some point, and LB Hill recoverd a bang bang Fumble could have gone as an Incompletion, but the challenge failed. hill goes 74 untouched for the insurance score. 31-6 Seattle.

    Gore would get his 66 yard back breaker on a play late, in the 4th breaking several tackles and scooting for 6. passing the 1000 yard mark, to keep himself in the league top 10.

    FInal 31-13. GG Romo, Look forward to a lot of seasons of tough Division games. cant say GL until season is over, but I think you prolly have this sucker in the bag.
  6. Romoisajedi

    Romoisajedi Walk On

    Aug 19, 2009

    nice write up!

    hey props to you, you controlled the game and did exactly what you said you were going to do, control Gore and make Davis make some throws, and surprise he didn't ;)

    your defense played really well, and you called some key screens and draws to move the ball against me, was a defensive battle untill Arrington took over...

    tough division game...

    I'm going to put my foot to the metal and not look back now however... 11-5 final record ;)
  7. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    damn you thats what I'm afraid of, I think best case for me you lose 1 more, and I dont think I can win out.
  8. Romoisajedi

    Romoisajedi Walk On

    Aug 19, 2009
    well see,

    lots of games to play yet, and the way Nate Davis played against you I don't think I can guarantee another win :p
  9. BoSoxFan58

    BoSoxFan58 Walk On

    Sep 21, 2009
    Houston Texans (4-7) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4)

    Coming into the game, Jacksonville knew it was going to be without QB David Garrard and star RB Maurice Jones-Drew and Coach Del Rio knew he needed a good gameplan to beat a talented Texans team. The Texans had come in to Jacksonville with some momentum after defeating the Colts 40-29.

    1st Quarter
    The opening kickoff was received by the Jags who had Todd Bouman starting at QB and Rashad Jennings starting at RB. They quickly went 3 and out against a fired up Texans D. The next possession the Texans drove down the field by picking up some key 1st downs, but the drive stalled and they kicked a FG to make it 3-0. On the next Jags offensive possession, Bouman threw a pick that went for an easy 6. The fans groaned that they would be blown out of the water early on. The Jags drove deep into Texans territory all the way down to the 5 yard line. On 1st and goal Bouman rolled left and a pass intended to TE George Wrightster landed in the hand of MLB Daniel Ellerbe to commence the quarter.

    2nd Quarter
    The Texans looked to be on a methodical drive when DE Derrick Harvey came through the backfield untouched to hit the QB on a pass play. Schaub fumbled the ball, and it was picked up by DE convert Tim Shaw and he rumbled 57 yards for the TD. Which made the score 10-7, and giving the stadium some life that the Jags could maybe hang around long enough to win at the end. The Jags once again regained the ball and made it down just outside the 10 before settling for a field goal. The field goal was up and good, but a roughing the kicker penalty gave the Jags a 4th and inches from the 5 which was converted by FB Greg Jones. Two run plays later, Rashad Jennings was in the endzone to give the Jaguars a surprising 14-10 lead. The Texans went into a 2-minute drill offense, but threw a pick in Jags territory. The Jaguars with :30 seconds remaining used all 3 of their timeouts to set up a Josh Scobee 44-yard field goal to go into halftime with the score 17-10.

    3rd Quarter
    The Texans received the ball first, but came up empty and had to punt to the Jags. The Jags got down to the 39, but couldn't convert on 3rd down and decided to punt. The Texans got pinned at the 10 yard line by P Adam Podlesh. On 2nd down Derrick Harvey created havoc and forced a fumble by Matt Schaub. An offensive lineman recovered the fumble in the endzone for a safety making the score 19-10. The Jags received the ball again and were driving when Bouman found a wide open FB Greg Jones in the flat and he went on the break 3 tackles on a scamper into the endzone to make the score 26-10. This was a Jaguars 26-point run which had gone unanswered. The Texans quickly responded when RB Steve Slaton blazed 73 yards of grass on the way to a TD with :45 seconds remaining in the 3rd. The Texans converted the 2-point conversion making the score 26-18 and just a one-possession game.

    4th Quarter
    A relatively quiet 4th that was a defensive chess match. A key play of the quarter was on a punt by Adam Podlesh that pinned the Texans at the 1-yard line. 3 plays later a lob by Schaub to WR Andre Johnson was picked off by CB Brian Williams. The Jags drive was held to 3 plays for 6 yards, but Scobee was in range to kick the 41 yard field goal to make the score 29-18. Both defenses held strong for the rest of the 4th, and the Texans couldn't muster an effective passing game and the game ended.

    Jaguars 29 Texans 18 FINAL

    QB Matt Schaub- 14/28 167 YDS 0 TD 3 INT
    RB Steve Slaton- 13 ATT 134 RSH YDS 1 TD 3 REC 29 REC YDS
    WR Aaron Kelly- 2 REC 44 YDS
    WR Andre Johnson- 1 REC 37 YDS
    TE James Casey- 3 REC 24 YDS
    MLB Daniel Ellerbe- 5 TACK 1 INT
    LOLB- Brain Cushing- 4 TACK 1 SACK
    SS Husain Abdullah- 4 TACK 1 SACK

    QB Todd Bouman- 15/23 232 YDS 1 TD 2 INT
    RB Rashad Jennings- 25 ATT 54 RSH YDS 1 TD 1 REC 11 REC YDS
    FB Greg Jones- 3 ATT 10 RSH YDS 4 REC 88 REC YDS 1 TD
    WR Mike Walker- 4 REC 38 YDS
    TE Marcedes Lewis- 2 REC 50 YDS
    DE Derrick Harvey- 4 TACK 3 SACK 2 FF
    MLB- Justin Durant- 3 TACK 1 INT
    K Josh Scobee- 2/2 FG (44, 41) 3/3 XP
    P Adam Podlesh- 5 PUNTS 5 IN20

    QB David Garrard returns to the team for next week's game against the Dolphins at home. The Jaguars remain 2 games behind the Tenessee Titans in the division as only 4 games remain on the season. The Jags are one game up for the wild card's final spot in the AFC.
  10. Newb Slice

    Newb Slice Walk On

    May 8, 2009
    Cowboys vs Giants

  11. Juggernautblitz

    Juggernautblitz Carbon glutton

    Feb 22, 2009
    NewB, Good game last night on your part anyway. I must admit I pretty much lost interest and just wanted it to get over after those 2 early fumbles that led to a couple of TD's by your Giants. I'm not going to throw a game for draft position but when the good times start rolling like those game changing turnovers early, I kind of go into practice mode and just try to learn the game a little better rather than try to mount a big comeback. The Cowboys are looking ahead to 2010, a new offensive coordinator, and some rematches with the Giants.

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