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Week 14. Arizona squeaks out a W in STL

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Mugga, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Mugga

    Mugga Walk On

    Oct 30, 2013

    With all the chaos going on in Ferguson Missouri there still was a football game that had to be played to division rivals went head to head One team (stl) was trying to stay in the playoff hunt and the other (az)was just trying to get there identity back and play spoiler.

    The Cardinals received the ball 1st Logan Thomas had a lot to prove the media was starting to ask is he a an NFL starting QB is the Virginia Tech almamarter a bust... Today he showed he was a Nfl starter. On the opening drive to 15 yd face mask penalties were called this helped the Cardinals putting them in field goal range scoring 1st on a field goal making the score 3-0.Alex Smith moved the chains on Stl 1st drive as well putting his team in Field goal range big foot kicker Jake Rogers made a 55 yd field goal making the score all even 3-3 at the end of the 1st quarter.

    Logan Thomas came out in the 2nd quarter with a very balanced attack of run and pass finding Malcom Floyed on a slant pass for 25yds putting the offense @ the 50yd line Veteran running back Arian Foster ran the ball fairly well in today's game courtesy of the play of there offensive line.Logan Thomas finds floyd again on a streak for 16 yds this setup a play action pass to the tight end Rob Housler putting the ball on the 2yd line then the cardinals fed the ball to there work horse Arian Foster for a touchdown 10-3 AZ . The Rams passing game struggled early courtesy of Arizona's Defense forcing a quick 3 and out. Arizona gets the ball back and move into field goal range with a 11yd pass to Sidney Rice but the Qb got greedy forcing an interception to Janoris Jenkins but on the very next drive 3 plays later Antonio Cromartie intercepts Alex Smith putting the cards back in field goal range but kicker Dustin Hopkins shanks a 50yd Fg so the Rams get the ball back before the half but Alex Smith was sacked for a 4yd loss then forced another pass which was intercepted again by Antonio Cromartie to end the half.

    The Rams got the ball @ the half,halfback Tre Mason runs the ball for 7yds on 3rd down Tavon Austin drops a pass on 3rd down forcing a 3 and out.Logan Thomas settled into the game moving the chains on this drive it felt like the Rams defense couldn't get off the field today on 3rd and 1 Thomas breaks a tackle which would have been a sack for about an 8yd loss Tavares Gooden could not take him down Thomas found former Rams wide reciever Brian Quick for 19yd pass on the 1yd line on the next play Thomas ran the ball in for a touchdown 17-3 cards that play right there pretty much summed up the game for the Rams they finally get the stop they need but couldn't get there defense off the field.
    In the 4th quarter Alex Smith tried to get something going with to nice passes to Ben Tate for 9Yds and another to Jared Cook for 7yds but on the next play Alex Smith was intercepted by MLB Darryl Washington the Cardinals running game was very productive in the 4th courtesy of Foster and Ellington scoring another touchdown and another field goal in the forth making the score 27-3 the Rams scored a touchdown in garbage time a 17yd touchdown by Jared Cook and got the two point conversion.The Rams tried to get the onside kick but failed to do so making the final score 27-11 Arizona.

    Gg Again KO
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