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Week 14 Browns (27) at Bills (21)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Miklos_Nyiszli, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    Well Folks here it comes...After 3 failed attempts we went 1 more time..


    Here is goes for all the folks to read and love what u see.

    Bills win the coin toss on this very windy day and kicks the ball to the Browns to start off the game. Here we go says Colt McCoy knowing he is the teams leader. He is starting out HOT!! He is starting out with the wind blowing him everywhere and is thinkin no way in hell am i going to try and force something down the field on the first drive of the game. What he does is hits mostly short passes over and over again. What u would think is a long slow drive in the first drive of the game turns out a quick passing attack by Colt McCoy hitting 7 for 7 the first drive and giving it up for Harrison to run it up the middle for 7. Now it is time for the defense to step up its game and see what they can do. But what they didnt know was Parrish would return the kickoff 101 yards for a TD to tie the game up in a matter of seconds. Colt McCoy is thinkin we r just fine lets just do what we did the first drive and see what we can get going again. Browns driving it down the field with a hard attack of running the ball and then get into a nice 3 and long inside the 30 yardline of the Bills. BOMB Rookie mistake number 1 throwing it over the TE head and turns into INT number 1. The Bills r on offense for the first time of the game with little left in the 1st getting a couple of first downs and then having to punt.

    The 2nd quarter is starting up and the Browns just got the ball back thinkin we cant throw another int. First offense of play Colt is thinkin HE IS OPEN!! I CAN HIT HIM and tries to thread the needle and overthrows the WR and into Byrds hands like he was the WR for ROOKIE mistake number 2 and INT number 2.. Luckly the Bills couldnt get anything going and end up kicking a FG but misjudges his kick and missing the FG. Browns r thinkin hey we r killing ourselfs lets get a running attack going again and move the ball down the field with Hardesty and Harrison carring the load. So far the game plan is workin well running the ball with split backfield and just rammin down the throat of the new Bills owner.. Browns end up scoring on a sweep to the right with Harrison scoring his 2nd TD run. Bills get the ball back pushin it up the field and end up punting the ball with little over 1 min left in the first half. Browns thinkin man if i could score i could maybe put the end of this game in the first half.. HELL NO not with a rookie QB lol we r pushin it a few plays and end up throwin Rookie mistake number 3 and int number 3.. Colt McCoy is looking to see if the bills would trade Bryd so the browns could sign him as the number 1 WR.. Bryd gets his 2nd int of the day and the Bills end up scoring off a nice pass to Spiller for a 48 yard td pass and that ends the 1st half. Going into the Half the score is tied 14 to 14.

    Starting of the 3rd Quarter the Browns hold off the Bills and get a nice INT from Sheldon Brown and turn it into a nice FG making it 17 to 14. Next drive for the Bills gets started and moving little better till You think that u can keep pickin on Haden all game and ends up grabbin a 1handed INT.. Browns then move the ball down the field with some running power of Hardesty and Harrison with Hardesty running up the middle for 2 yd run making the game now 24 to 14.. Making alot of breathin room for the Browns. Bills get the ball back thinkin man it is really time to do something here. Bills then see the Browns just doing everything they can to get into his head with blitzin and making it a 3 and out. Browns r like ITS TIME to end this game and end up runnin the ball down with some mix of passing in there. They end up attampting and missing a 52 yard fg giving the ball back to the Bills on the 42. Bills finally get started again and throwin it without any problems. They end up hitting Parrish with a 30yard pass making it 21 to 24. That was also the end of the 3rd Quarter 24 to 21 the Browns.

    Browns get the ball back in the 4th pushin the ball down the field and can only get a nice 39yard FG making it 27 to 21.. time is getting less and less for the Bills and he is pushin as much as he could with a nice fighting Defense from both sides. Bills manage to push the ball down the 1st and goal with just little over 3 minutes left in the game. He tries to rush and throwin it but can only get the 4th down and goal at the 3. Browns r thinkin one more stop just need one more stop. The Bills r playin with the Browns here and making him believe a strong run with coming into play when bringin out 3RB 2 TE and just 1 WR. So the Browns r thinkin that a strong blitz would cover a chance at his run and maybe stop. They get to the line and right before the Bills snap the ball the Browns r thinkin man that is real gutsie to run the ball on 4th down so they hurry and turn there play into a zone. Making the right dicision the Browns end up smackin down the ball in the middle of the inside. TURNOVER on downs. with still just over 3minutes in the game they r thinkin runnin the ball and the game is over. the first 1 st down comes and goes as the 2 minute warning comes with a 3rd and 7 in play. They r thinkin 1 more first and the game is OVER. So they call out a 4WR 1 RB and giving the Bills something to think about. Will they really throw it on 3rd and 7 or will they run the ball. Browns end up calling a draw play and pickin up 6 of the 7 yards. With just over 1 minute left they end up punting the ball to the Bills. WAIT the Bills have a nice kickoff return already can they really return a punt. YES THEY CAN.. Bills all yelling and screaming we got this in the BAG... but on the field lays a yellow flag... Who could this be on.. Can they slide by with a nice last second victory. NO they cant the return is called back on a clipping putting the ball back on there own 30 yard line. They r tryin to find stuff down the field but cant and end up getting to 4th and 6. Browns r thinkin man the only way we have really given him pressure and got his throwing game off was blitzin so they call a gutsie blitz in the middle and end up making him throw his 4th and 6th pass short ending the game with a Colt McCoy Kneeling. Great Game Duvalbault and welcome to the league..

    Browns finally get there new headcoach his first win as the Browns Owner

    Browns Stats
    Colt McCoy 18 of 26 230 yards and 3INTs no TD
    Montario Hardesty 18 rushes 102yards 1 TD and back to back 100 yard ruhsing
    Jerome Harrison 15 rushes 66 yards and 2 TD
    5 WR/TE with atleast 3rec leading the way was
    Brian Robiskie with 4 rec 52 yards
    Johs Cribbs 3 rec 59 yards
    D'Qwell Jackson 7 tackles 3 sacks
    Robaire Smith 2 tackles 2 sacks
    Joe Haden 4 tackles 1 int
    Sheldon Brown 2 tackles 1 int

    Bills Stats
    Robert You 16 of 33 235 yards 2td 2 int
    leading rusher Robert You 1attempt 32 yards
    Marshawn Lynch 7 attempts 16 yards
    CJ Spiller 3 rec 82 yards 1 TD
    Roscoe Parrish 3 rec 57 yards 1TD also 2 KR 101 yards 1 TD
    Paul Posluszny 8 tackles
    Jairus Byrd 6 tackles 2 int
    Leodius Mckelvin 4 tackles 1 int
  2. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    Congrats on your first OMFL win Miklos!
  3. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Congrats Mik... Thanbks for the play by play, it was fun sharing it with you :)
  4. duvalbault94

    duvalbault94 Walk On

    Oct 3, 2010
    this was a great game i hope to beat u next season lol

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