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Week 14: Cowboys 34 Chargers 33

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cadepetty247, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. cadepetty247

    cadepetty247 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2009
    Week 14: Cowboys 34 Chargers 33


    The Leg of Folk Helps Cowboys With A Walk Off Win

    With playoffs positions in their future, the Chargers and Cowboys battled it out in new Cowboys Staduim. And it was clearly a well fought battle by both teams.
    The Cowboys jumped out to a 10-6 lead on the Chargers at the end of the 1st half. Romo missed an opportunity throwing an end zone pick which was 1 of 3 ints the so far effiecient passer threw. In the 2nd half, after two big plays by LaDanian Tomlinson that both scored. Romo threw another interception but this time backup linebacker Tim Dobbins took it 57yds for six points. The score now was 27-10 and the Cowboys needed to make a good drive. Finally getting into the redzone after 4minutes of driving the ball on 3rd and one Romo took it in from the one for a TD. ( 27-17) The defense had to step up now!! After a three and out from the Chargers, Romo hooked up with Felix "Dash" Jones on a called screen play. He made several defenders miss and scored from 57yds out. (27-24)
    The defense once again needed to make a play and they knew they had to watch for the screen passes that the Chargers loved to run all game. They held them to a 24yd FG to put the Boys with one touchdown away from a win.(30-24) With time winding down fast, Garret gambled and went for it on 4th and long instead of punting. Jason Witten came threw with a nice grab from Romo to keep the Cowboys drive going. Witten showed up again on a out route Romo hit him and Witten broke two tackles diving into the end zone to put his team ahead 31-30!! On the kickoff, the Cowboys had to stop Darren Sproles whos speed killed them all game. Although they couldn't he brought them to the 30yd line. Wade Phillips used 2 of the Cowboys timeouts and held the Chargers to a FG luckily. (33-31) Now it was Romo's time to shine!!

    With over a minute left, Romo used time wisely and drove his team to the 31. With 10 seconds on the clock, Offensive coordinator Jason Garret called a Qb draw where Romo slide down at mid-field on the 27 and called timeout with 5 seconds left. Here came on Nick Folk to kick the game winning FG. Folk nailed it for a 44yd FG and a walk off win for the Dallas Cowboys,who move on to 10-3 an beat another top team. The boys have beat two teams that have had only two losses two weeks in a roll. The Cowboys are one game outta first and the Giants play the Eagles this week. Great win for Dallas. Great played game by Chargers and Good Luck the rest of the way. (the lag was bad on the last minute FG i didn't think i could hit it) I wonder why it did that at the last second and not the whole game????

    Cowboys Nxt Opp- @Saints (7-6)

    Game Stats

    (DAL) Tony Romo 349yds 3td 3int
    (SD) Phillip Rivers 151yds 1td 1int
    (DAL) Marion Barber 108yds
    (SD) LaDanian Tomlinson 150yds 1TD
    (DAL) Jason Witten 87yds 1TD
    (SD) Josh Cribs 72yds

    (DAL) Ware/James 5tkls
    (SD) Reggie Nelson 6tkls
    (DAL) 3tied with 1sck (Ware/Robertson/Spencer)
    (SD) Harvey/Cohen 1sck
    (DAL) Keith Brooking 1int
    (SD) 3tied 1int (Jammer/Ellison/Dobbins)

    *KEY NOTES* -

    -Cowboys beat the Chargers in Total yards, firstdowns and time of possesion although turnovers hurt them.
  2. maij17

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    Oct 8, 2009
    that's 3 of my last 5 ending in an L, need to get my shit together

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