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Week 14 Eagles (29) Redskins (24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by VishaL, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 14 Eagles (29) Redskins (24)

    Under 30 seconds 4th QT Redskins Ball in the redzone, 3rd down J.Campbell finds TJ Houshyamama for TD in the back of the endzone as he runs out or did he? referee signals no catch, it was very very close and at first i thought was a touchdown, i was expecting the refs to challenge it as soon as we picked our plays but it never came and J.Campbell's 4th down pass to westbrook is incomplete in the endzone, Eagles would Kneel to end game

    VGG Jeremy, it was a tough one with that questionable call to end game i dont feel like i won, cleanly as i think the refs should have reviewed the play, i am sure youll get some revenge in two weeks

    Eagles win toss will kick, redskins would need less than 2 mins to get on the board as Campbell Throws 43yd to S.Breston for the TD, 7-0 Skins
    Eagles put together a drive capped off by L.McCoy 4 yd TD run , tied at 7,
    after a redskins punt, eagles get in FG range and drive stalls resulting in a 35 yd Hauschka FG, 10- 7 eagles up
    Redskins answer with a 40 yd Cundiff FG, tied at 10
    Eagles get all the way to the 2 yd line but great defense forces a 19 yd Hauschka FG, 13-10


    Eagles get ball to start 3rd and E.Broussard takes a run 54 yds for the TD, 20-10 Eagles up
    after a could drive by J. Campbell, J Davis runs it in from a yard out, 20-17 Eagles ,
    Now in the 4th Eagles drive is stopped as they settle for a 32 YD FG, 23-17 Eagles
    Redskins again are driving when Campbell hits F. Davis 38 yds for the Touchdown and the Skins Take the Lead 24-23
    Eagles ball and P.Manning would Connect with Toliver for a strech catch 31yds for the score, two point conversion fails Eagles up 29-24......top part is conclusions to the game
  2. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010
    Damn the refs. Damn them to hell...
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    gg vish..you do deserve to win...i had chances and i just didnt make the plays

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