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Week 14: Jaguars (24), Bengals (17)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 14: Jaguars (24), Bengals (17)

    Droweezy deserved to win this one.....I'm sure he's fairly upset he didn't.

    My offense was putrid, included 4 interceptions I threw (although 2 were really fluke....one on a tipped pass DLineman picked it off, then on a 3rd and goal my receiver gets held with 2 arms in the end zone and no PI...was weird but anyways).

    The only reason I am able to win as of late is this stellar Jaguars defense. They again held a very good opponent to under 20 points, that makes 6 times in the last 7 games. Going into the week they were #6 in the OMFL in scoring defense, which is remarkably impressive considering the ridiculous schedule I've had to go through.

    Also, I'm getting more and more convinced that there is something in the Madden code that makes it MUCH more difficult to win on the road....which is I guess how it should be if they are mimmicking the NFL. But just strange flukey stuff always seems to happen on the road and its starting to drive me bannannas.

    GG Bengals, again you deserved to win this one, and had you done it you would have had a nice road to the playoffs.

    As it stands now, Jaguars have a 2 game lead on the #7 Texans, and are still in the hunt for a division title and potential first round BYE.

    Next game against Texans looms large. . .

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