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Week 14 Packers(27) Lions (24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NDCOLTS1979, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    After starting off strong twice before Ea disconnects kicked in the 3rd time was a charm as it goes for finishing the game. Packers however didnt start out strong at all. Neither team really did as a matter of fact. There were no points scored in the 1st quarter as it ended deadlocked at 0-0. 2nd quarter Rodgers would hit Finley with a 3yd pass to take a 7-0 lead. Detroit would answer with 10 points a 52yd fg and a 18yd touchdown from Edwards making it 10-7 with 1:09 to go till halftime. With 26 seconds left Jennings would catch an 18yd pass from Rodgers to give the Packers a 14-10 lead going into halftime. There would only be one score in the 3rd quarter and that came on a 19yd run by Jackson to give the Packers a 21-10 lead. Packers would add another fg from 22yds out to give them a 24-10 lead with 4:53 to go. Detroit would answer on 2 deep passes and score in less than 40 seconds to give the Packers a 24-17 lead with 4:18 to go. Packers would be forced to punt and Lions would answer with a 19yd pass to tie game but left 1:26 on the clock which turned out to be to much time as the Packers drove down and kicked a 53yd fg with no time left on the clock.

    gg win

    Rodgers 18-27 301yds 2tds 1 int
    Grant 24att 90yds
    Jennings 6rec 127yds 1td
  2. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Lions Officially Home Bound After Season

    by Arnold Driver
    Blogger, Detroit News

    It wasn't much of a shot, but, mathematically speaking, the Detroit Lions still had a chance to get into the playoffs. It was a long shot, but a shot nonetheless. At least until their loss at Ford Field earlier this Sunday to the Packers, a heartbreaking 27-24 loss that officially ends the Lions' season after week 17.

    The scoring began quickly, with the Packers exposing the coverage schemes of the Lions quickly and efficiently, and in thirty seconds, Aaron Rodgers hit tight end Jermichael Finley to get the scoring going at 7-0. A Lions drive stalled near the 35 yard line, and Detroit called on rookie kicker Aaron Pettrey to nail a 52 yard field goal to get the score at 7-3 Packers.

    An exchange of possessions gave the ball back to Detroit late in the first quarter, and Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford made it count, connecting with troubled wide receiver Braylon Edwards on a 16 yard strike to get the score at 10-7. Again the Packers offense mustered a strong attack, with running back Ryan Grant attacking Detroit's interior and exterior in three wide receiver sets. Rodgers again hit a touchdown pass, this time to receiver Greg Jennings to end the first quarter at a 14-10 score.

    Both teams' defenses would adjust, however, and no further scoring would occur until the third quarter, when Packers running back Brandon Jackson rumbled 19 yards for a score and a 21-10 Packers lead. Midway through the fourth quarter, Packers kicker Mason Crosby would extend the lead to 24-10 when he kicked a chip shot 22 yard field goal. Then the Lions offense and defense responded in a big way.

    On the kickoff following the Crosby field goal, Packers coverage lapsed, and Matthew Stafford took advantage, hitting wide receiver Braylon Edwards on consecutive plays to get a quick strike touchdown and trim the lead to 24-17. However, the Lions still needed a stop and a spark defensively - and it was given when cornerback Chris Houston stepped in front of an Aaron Rodgers pass and got a key interception with around 2 minutes left in the game.

    Stafford took advantage, navigating the team down the field and hitting Bryant Johnson in the slot for a 19 yard touchdown pass to tie the game at 24.

    Only one small problem: the Lions left 1:25 seconds on the clock. And that is far too much time for a Pro-Bowl caliber quarterback to have to get a score. And Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers did just that, taking his team down the field methodically and lining up at the 36 yard line for a field goal attempt with :03 seconds left. It went right between the uprights for Packers kicker Mason Crosby, and the Packers celebrated the much needed victory.

    On the other side of the field, a slightly dejected Coach Winuvas stood, arms folded, and nodded his head in disappointment and approval at the same time. When asked about his reaction (or lack thereof) after the game in his post game press conference, he was surprisingly calm and insightful:

    "Our guys gave me everything they had against a superior opponent. They put their butts out there, knowing they were outmatched, outgunned, and fought like demons anyway. They made plays that no one thought they could make except themselves and our coaching staff. All I can ask from them is to give me 110% effort every play, every game. They showed me that today, and I couldn't be more proud of a 3 point loss than I could of a 40 point victory. These guys have heart - you can't say that about a lot of teams in this league. And they are young. So remember that, those of you that watch this tape: we may lose these close games, but we are learning how to win while losing. We will be better next year, and these close losses will become close wins. Count on it."

    Coach Winuvas could be seen fighting back a tear or two as he was at the podium talking, a la Dick Vermeil.

    For the Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford had a decent game, going 14 of 23 for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns to go with 2 interceptions, one of which was a third down throw which essentially functioned as a punt for the Lions. Rookie running back Jahvid Best was bottled up by an aggressive Packers defense, getting only 28 yards on 14 carries. In the receiving game, Braylon Edwards, hearing the trade rumors and knowing his doghouse role with Coach Winuvas, lit up the Packers secondary, getting 5 catches for 164 yards and 2 touchdowns. On defense, new starter at middle linebacker DeAndre Levy had 8 tackles taking over for injured Bart Scott.

    "Levy was a force out there today," Coach Winuvas said. "He's a fast guy who loves contact."

    For the Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers went 18 of 27 for 301 yards and 2 touchdowns to go with 1 interception late. The running game was especially effective, as Ryan Grant carried 24 times for 90 yards. In the receiving game, wide receiver Greg Jennings had 6 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown. For the Packers defense, linebacker Nick Barnett had 8 tackles on the day. Cornerback Al Harris had both picks of Stafford to go with 3 tackles on the day. However, the Packers defense took a blow as stud defensive tackle B.J. Raji injured his collarbone and is done for the season.

    "You hate to see anyone injured like that in a game like this, but things happen," Coach Winuvas said of the injury to Raji. "I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to facing him next year."

    In a game where Coach Winuvas' team gave up 420 yards of total offense, including 119 on the ground, he was surprisingly chipper in his press conference.

    "Well, the Packers were doing a good job blowing us off the ball. We changed up a bit and had some success running blitzers into the backfield, but their team is just overall a good ball club. We are striving to get to that level of quality in our organization, and we will get there with this crew we have," Coach Winuvas said. "We have to do a better job defensively, but the guys can only do so much. We as a coaching staff have to put them in a better position, so we will do that with what we have in the book."

    Also asked about his running game, Coach Winuvas said, "That was a disappointment. I think we can do a better job there, but we did get down a bit late in the third and had to give it up a bit. Plus some of their defensive looks encouraged us to throw more. That is my fault though for not forcing the issue more with the run. Gotta get (running back Jahvid) Best going early so he and (running back Kevin) Smith can push it through late in the game and play ball control for us."

    Coach Winuvas also expressed some disappointment at officially being out of the playoff hunt.

    "It would have been a nice story for those kids in there," Coach Winuvas said of the playoffs. "But they will learn more from this than they realize, and that knowledge, combined with us doing some things to get bigger talent into Detroit, will only make this club stronger as a unit."

    Coach Winuvas seems to have gone away from his "fire and brimstone" and gone to positivity training. While it's not showing up right now in the wins and losses, it is showing up somewhere - in his locker room.

    Numerous players have said, anonymously, that the move to Coach Winuvas and his always bright outlook have been a good move. The only player to speak on record was a former Coach Winuvas player in Kansas City - defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch.

    "Coach has a young crew right now," Vanden Bosch said. "These kids need that kind of positive attitude. With veterans like myself, we can do the yelling at the players and get them playing right. He keeps them loose and confident, and that shows in our overall effort, I think."

    It does, Mr. Vanden Bosch. While he isn't winning games, fans in Detroit and elsewhere are believing that this team will be a team to watch next year.

    Keep up with all Lions coverage on the franchise website:

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