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Week 14 - Saints 30 vs Bucs 24

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009


    Saints Injuries Pile Up As Bree's Leads Saints Past Bucs
    Tampa Bay, FL - Savage Mason Reporting


    After a rough stretch of a month of tough games, the Saints finally got a match up to look forward too as the travel to the Bucs. Bucs and Saints are battling it out for the NFCS, along with the Falcons. Saints have beaten the falcons and are done for the year, so now they needed to get back on track by taking care of the Bucs, which will be tough at home in Tampa.​
    Saints injuries are beginning to pile up this season, but Coach nate knows its the name of the game, and you just have to fight through them. Problem is the defense has struggled all year long due to these injuries, and their 2 top defensive players are down, so someone needs to step up. After this game the Saints would lose last years #2 pick and top special teams guy in Hatchie.

    Here's a look at how these two teams matched up:


    Bucs would win and elect to kick. Saints would get started with Brees hitting some quick passes and a few outside runs to get the Bucs off course. Saints knew that watching McCoy would be the key. Bottom line is that McCoy is a beast and Shiftee knows how to use him, by far, better than anyone in the league with their DT. Brees would hit Harbor on a post route behind the zone, while making a great catch over a diving FS. 7-0 Saints on the 42 yard pass.​
    Bucs would battle right back though with a 17 yard tip pass/warp/timezone catch for a td. 7-7.​
    Saints would come right back though and Brown would punch it in from 3 yards out to take the lead 14-7.​
    Woodyard, who took place of injured MLB Vilma, has really stepped up his game. He would take a pick, second of the day, back 21 yards for the td and 21-7 lead.​
    Bucs would battle back and hit a 54 yard fg with just under 2 mins to go in the half, but Saints would drive and get a 45 yard fg of their own as time expires. 24-10 Saints lead.​
    Both teams would step it up on d and the only scoring would be the Saints with a 49 yard fg late in the 3rd to extend their lead to 27-10, but here come the bucs.​
    Freeman would hit some great passes and finally punch it in from 1 yard out early in the 4th to make it 27-17 Saints.​
    Saints would kill some clock but the drive would stall out and Hartley would hit a 49 yard fg to make it 30-17 Saints.​
    Bucs would play no games though and use 2 plays and under 1:00 to score on a 30 yard Jones pass to make it 30-24.​
    Bucs would elect to kick normal and stop the Saints, but Saints would pick up a few first downs and kneel out the clock.​

    Scoring Summary:

    Player & Team Stats on the game:

    GG Shiftee. Always a tough game, but a fun game.

    Player of the game:
    WR Devery Henderson

    Henderson would have 8 catches for 96 yards. No tds today, but Henderson and Brees have rekindled their qb to wr relationship this year. Henderson made some great catches to really lead the Saints today.

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