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Week 14: Titans(26) vs Buccaneers(24)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Missed FG sinks the Buccaneers, Titans win 26-24
    A missed FG in the third quarter due to lag cost the buccaneers dearly in a 2 point titans win.

    Week 14 in the Regular season in the OMFL pitted the 8-4 Titans vs the 7-5 Bucs with huge implications in the wildcard race and NFC south divisional race. With a win, the titans were looking to get there foot into the door for the 2nd wildcard spot in the AFC, with a loss the titans were losing ground fast on a playoff berth after starting the season 5-1. The Bucs were looking to win to secure the lead in the NFC south and keep the hot NO saints off there tail. With a lose, the Saints would take sole lead of the South and Tampa bay would be barely grasping onto the NFC second wildcard.

    The Titans won the toss to start the game and deferred to the second half. After a quick 3 and out by the Bucs, the Titans got the ball and looking to assert dominance early. The TB defense was stronger than Coach Ox and the titans anticipated but still rolled on the offense. The Titans converted three 3rd downs on a beastly 18 play drive taking more than 7 mins of game clock to score the first TD of the game early in the second quarter by CJ on a 3 yard screen pass to bring the score early in the second 7-0 Titans.

    In the second quarter, Titans defense would continue to look strong and forced another TB punt but the Titans offense couldnt string together the same amount of plays for a second time. After stalling in the redzone, the Titans were forced to kick a FG to bring the score to 10-0 Titans. The Titans biggest problem on defense for the entire madden 11 OMFL seasons so far is giving up the big play, coach ox said in a press conference after the game,
    "Not sure but i think my defense has giving up more 40+ yard TD plays than less than 40 yards TD plays this season, We try to out jump someone a lot taller than us and then wonder why we are on our back on the ground and the WR/TE is walking into the endzone untouched..."
    It would rear its ugly head again in the TB/Tenn game. On the Bucs third possession, HB Addai broke contain on a power run play, combined with broken tackles and horrible angles and hit stick attempts by the titans defense, HB Addai walked in from 50 yards out to bring the score to 10-7 Titans.
    Coach Shiftee said after the game, "50 yard run?!? His longest run so far in the season is 14 yards, didnt think he had it in him"
    Well, nether did the titans, Coach ox was heard screaming and cursing that upset his roommates dog.
    The titans would get the ball back in the second with time to work with, and with some great passes from Titans QB Vince Young, the titans found themselves deep in Buc territory. Coach Ox and the titans did a marvelous job in running down the clock and scoring with only 30 seconds left in the half with a 14 yard draw by CJ for the TD to extend the lead back to 10.
    Another big play caught the titans off guard and somehow, a benched SS Hope found a way onto the field in a three safety defensive set, and got beat again deep for the 13th time this season. Rookie WR T. Jones split the safeties like a vet and ran the 78 yards for the score to what TB seemed would end the half. Score with seconds left in the half, 17-14 Titans. The bucs would try and swib kick to end the half but it the titans got out of the way of a poorly kicked ball and it skipped out of bounds, after one big pass play from the tennessee 40 yard line put them in FG terrorty, The titans kicked the FG as time expired in the half to bring the score 20-14 Titans.

    Titans got the ball first in the second half, and moved the ball quite nicely. The TB defense gameplanned to prefection and shut down CJ most of the day on the ground but VY showed up to play after a poor showing last week vs Buff. After a couple key pass plays had the Titans on the Bucs goalline, VY pulled a good QB sneak to score the TD from a yard out. Lag killed the extra point for Titans kicker Rob bironas first miss of the year, FG or XP. 26-14Titans
    The bucs would get the ball back and drive well but stalled in the titans redzone. Lag would again affect the kick and the bucs would miss the 40ish yarder wide.
    Coach Shiftee in a post game conference said "I had to double tap, i hate lag"
    It was a big miss but neither coach would know how big this early. The Bucs defense rallied after the FG miss and stuffed VY and the Titans offense for the rest of the game. After a Titans punt, the bucs got the ball and looked to take revenge on the missed FG. TB rookie WR T. Jones would get his second TD of the day from 17 yards out to close the gap to 26-21 Titans to end the third.

    Both defenses looked strong in the fourth quarter, the bucs kept the lid on CJ and kept the titans from getting first downs and rolling the clock. The titans moved players around to give different looks to the bucs and hoped that defensive players would stay in the passing lanes. After the bucs made a FG from 51 yards out to bring the score to 26-24. The titans were stuffed and forced to punt and the bucs got the ball from there 20 yard line with about 2 mins left in the game with one last time to win. DT Jason Jones got a huge sack to push the bucs back to 2nd and 20, the titans defense rallyed and forced the turnover on downs to win the game. 26-24

    After a Jets lose and a NO win, both the titans and the bucs are currently holding the final playoff spot in their repective conferences with teams nipping at their heels already. Jets are one game back on the bubble and seahawks tied with the bucs, but the bucs hold the tiebreaker at the moment.
    Player of the game
    Vince Young 14-19 251yards 1TD0INT 5rush 11yards 1TD

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