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Week 14

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by trutest, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. trutest

    trutest Walk On

    Jul 26, 2009
    Week 14

    Post game summary here
  2. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    Week 14 Seattle - Houston

    Barn Burner at Reliant.

    Seattle travels to Houston, needing to keep the wins coming to try and keep up with the 49ers.

    Texans win the toss and kick. Seattle comes out firing, and uses 3 plays to score 3rd and 5 Hasslebeck hits FB Schmidt for a 20 yard score, flat right.

    7-0 Seattle.

    Slaton and Shaub stall as Lb Curry and DT Mebane make huge individual stops on Slaton.

    Seattle scores again, this time its Houshmanzadeh on a 20 yarder, setup by several nice runs from Arrington who has really come on in the last few games for seattle.

    Playaction audible sets up Housh wide open.

    14-0 'Hawks.

    Seattle was not done, they would score AGAIN, their highest scoring quarter of the year. this time it was TE Carleson on the best pass of the game, over the blitz into well disguised double coverage, hasslebeck threw the perfect pass as hard and as flat as he has ever thrown one. that thing went over the head of a Texan like an ICBM, right into Carlesons hands, i know Papa Perry was tickedo n thato ne, because I should have gotten picked, but the pass was so good there was no chance. Very lucky for me. Carleson made like Brandon Jacobs and bulled over 3 defenders than raced to the corner.

    21-0 Hawks after the first quarter.

    Opening the 2nd Seattle got it going yet again, as Hasslebeck sets up and hits HB Arrington for a perfect screen left. one big ugly out in front and arrington gets in position to elude the one on one manual tackle, by scraping the tackler off on the blocker.

    28-0 Seattle. 4 passing TDs game over right? Texans were blitzing like mad, and not getting there. Offense was stalled out, hasslebeck was 10-10 with 4 scores.

    Time for the Texans to roll over and think about their draft pick yes?

    Wrong, Shaub to Rice, (what a great little WR) he led all players with 7 grabs, including several tough contact catches.

    28-7 'Hawks.

    texans stiffen and force a 3rdd own, but hasslebeck was in a zone and finds slot man Dieon Branch in man coverage behind a safety blitz, somehow i got it off, and he caught it. 74 yards and 6.

    Seattle ends the half 35-7. Ok now the Texans are dead right????

    Houston ball to open the half. apparently seeing the coaches ass at halftime ala Mike Singletary was enough to ramp em up.

    Texans get stopped, then stop seattle on a stupid INT from hasslebeck, looked down the MLB, thought I could get it over his head put some touch on the ball, Hass threw a ball 3 feet off the ground right to him. Doink!. stopped another scoring drive.

    and finally the Texans get going, their OL really setted down and shutdown the 4 man Seattle rush.

    Slaton scores, on 4th and 1, after Seattle stops him 3 straight times from inside the 1. he cracks through, that was a hugep lay, I thought i had it diagnosed and Slaton found a hole.


    Then Foster scores.

    35-21. Seattle leading.

    See the trend??? and Houston is scoring fast, WRs Walter and Johnson playing great, catching everything, short stuff 8-12 yards, in zone coverage. some nice passes.

    Hasslebeck on another 3rd and long, shotgun, drops to pass, has time, then the rush gets through, have to throw, TE carleson is open, (WIDE OPEN). WRONG button! christ I hate that, hassthrows it into decent coverage, a lob no less, since i was intending ti for carleson overt he top, WR Burleson makes the grab, and shakes free for 68 yards and a TD!!!.

    Sometimes you get the breaks. Sorry Perry, should have been picked.

    42-21. Seattle. 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

    Houston drives, Houston scores, 74 speed Walter, on a slant.

    42-28. Onside, yep, Onside, I had been waitingfor it, called Timeout. figured perry would back off and kick it, since he was scoring pretty easy. But he stay in it, i was in a regular return, Safety Grant, hauls in the ball ANYWAY< i dive forthe sideline to get him out of bounds before he fumbles and he FUMBLES ANYWAY!!!!!!!! Walter makes a midair recovery as the ball is going out. Drags both feet for possession. Seattle challenges. no go.

    Houston scores again. goalline Playaction. nice play.

    42-35. Seriously???? it was like Shaub had loaned his uni to Brady.

    this time Seattle recovers the onside attempt and we have the ball. Playaction to carleson, agaisnt a 1st down run blitz, into FG range at the 22. finally a play from Seattle, keep it on the ground, and we win, on clock or a FG. under 3 minutes to go.

    I called 2 FB runs, to keep from getting blown up and fumbling, protect ball, dives into the line. 3rd and 8, HOLDING>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now its gametime, and Seattle chokes, first we cant get anymore yards. and then trying for the ICe FG to go up 10 with 3 to play, Mara hits is WAY SHORT!!!.

    Houston ball chance to tie or win!.

    It was unreal. this time, Seattle gets pressure finally, and a needed drop by Bryant Johnson. Kneel down and its over.

    Notes. Seattle won 2 Fumble-a-thons. one I should have, one I'm pretty sure was recovered by Houston. What a shitty feature, I think that you win by hitting less keys wrong).

    Also a little passing Minutae, Hasslebeck threw one TD to each of his starting WRs, Houshmanzadeh, Burleson, Branch, TE Carleson, and both backs, Arrington and Schmidt.

    P 2 the P, heck of a game man, I'm still amped.

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