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Week 15: 2 Minute Drill with Chris Berman

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by sawemoff, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Hi folks, Chris Berman here and don't I have a show for you today. I am welcomed here in the studiowith none other Coach The Natural from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! He has taken a young talented squad to great heights this and hopes to take 'em to the crown jewel. *Camera pans out to show Chris and The Natural*
    Chris: First off thanks for being here and welcome to the show Coach. I see you made it here safely without having your plane crash. *Smirks at the camera* How are you doing today and did you have a wonderful Easter?
    The Natural: Thanks for asking, I had a very uneventful Easter. Hung out with my girlfriend, had a nice dinner, and movie. We are still re-cooperating from the exciting mini-vacation the week before.
    Chris: Well that is good, I hope you had a great dessert as well *Chuckles*
    Chris: How has your season gone and has your team met your expectations?
    The Natural: The season has went well despite having one of the youngest teams in the league and receiving some largely unfounded criticism by 'anonymous' coaches. We do everything here in Tampa on the record so if we have something to say it will be known.
    Chris: I like the non passive-aggressive style Coach. You know I like it when someone is straight forward and doesn't 'beat around the bush.'
    Chris: How have you been able to take this mediocre team to these great heights this year?
    The Natural: Having balance on both sides of the ball and having a great coaching staff that can get the most out of our talent. We are one of the top teams in passing yet have no Wide Receiver in the top 5 statistically. We are the top team in rushing yet have no running back in the to 5 statistically. We spread the ball round on offense and attack the opposing offense from various angles on defense.
    Chris: I see where you got dubbed 'The King of Sandbagging' Coach. *Winks at the Camera*
    Chris: When Noel Divine was in that horrific plane crash what was your immediate reaction?
    The Natural: That was a rough night. There were just too many hoes and boose on the luxury G8, we were well over the allowable weight limit for the plane. Definitely will not make the same mistake again. Thank Tebow everyone made it out okay.
    Chris: Yea, when I heard about the accident I feared the worst but I am glad everyone got away with minor injuries.
    Chris: Give me and the audience a preview of how you talk to the team before the game, during halftime and after the game? Lets say the situation calls for y'all being the underdogs at the beginning, you are down at half, and you pull out a close victory at the end.
    The Natural: I always tell my guys to stay focused and play with the heart of a champion. It doesn't matter if we are favored, underdogs, winning or losing always play with heart. Many coaches are great with a lead but once the heat is on they wilt like a Carolina Dogwood.
    Chris: The Carolina Dogwood! Aren't those the best looking flowers to put in front of the house? Unfortunately, I wouldn't know but anyways lets get to the next question.
    Chris: Speaking of underdogs, speculation around the league has it that the Bucs will win the Superbowl. During all of your press conferences you keep reiterating that the Bucs are the underdogs. Tell us why you think y'all should considered the underdog even though you are sitting at the top of the NFC South.
    The Natural: Have you seen our roster? *Laughs* We have some young talent on the team, with the addition of WR Kenny Britt and CB Jimmy Smith we have bolstered our roster, but it is still one of the weakest in the league. The coaching staff can only do so much.
    Chris: Coaching is definitely the key to having success. Your coaching staff has definitely earned their paychecks.
    Chris: Before I let you go Coach, what would like to say to the fans and to all our viewers there?
    The Natural: Always remember to do what you do in life because no matter what
    Chris: Coach I cannot thank you enough for coming in and doing this interview with me. I am sure Buc fans are excited to see how the season ends. Since most of the games have already been played I am going to bypass my pick selections. Next week I will be welcoming Coach LSUTRUTH to the studios for a full in depth interview. Thanks for staying tuned and I will see you next week.

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  2. Ghost

    Ghost Before the rollieee!

    Aug 8, 2011
  3. The Natural

    The Natural Public Enemy #1

    Jun 11, 2011
    Great job saw!!

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