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Week 15: Jags 38, Colts 34

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Jags Mount Crazy Comeback, Silence Critics and Beat Colts 38-34

    Maurice Jones-Drew scores the game winning touchdown in the 4th quarter.

    October 26, 2010​

    By Harry Stone, Jacksonville Post-Intelligencer​

    INDIANAPOLIS, IN- The scoreboard showed impending doom for Jacksonville.​

    20-3. Indianapolis throttling the Jaguars in the mid-second quarter.​

    Nothing was going write for the leagues only undefeated team, as their defense was getting shredded and their offense couldn't figure out how they wanted to attack the eight man fronts of the Colts.​

    After a turnover the Colts again drove into Jaguar territory where they had scored previously on two Peyton Manning touchdown passes and two long field goals by Adam Vinatieri.​

    Just like the previous two drives the Colts stalled just outside the thirty yard line. They would send Vinatieri in to try and make it a three score football game. However this attemnpt would ricochet off the upright and fall to the turf no good.​

    "When they were kicking to go up three scores, it just felt like that was too big of a hole to dig ourselves out of with the way they were playing," commented Coach Dunlap. "When we saw it bounce off and fall no good then I think we just realized that not everything would go against us today. That would give us some confidence and momentum really the rest of the football game."​

    Whatever happened it worked, and the Jaguars would unleash the offensive juggernaut that is Maurice Jones-Drew.​

    The Colts plan coming into the game was to use constant eight man fronts and some 46 defense to contain the Jaguars rushing game.​

    Jacksonville tried to counter this the first quarter and a half by spreading out the Colts with three and four wide receiver sets.​

    With that approach mostly unsuccessful the Jaguars went back to Plan A.​

    "We got the ball back after the missed field goal and Coach said he was just going to start giving me the ball no matter how many defenders they put in the box," said Jones-Drew.​

    It worked.​

    MJD would break a 49 yard stretch play that would get Jacksonville their first touchdown and make it 20-10.​

    After a rare defensive stand, Jones-Drew would this time take a simple inside dive play and somehow come out of a gang tackle then outrace the rest of the Colts defense 61 yards into the end zone.​

    By the time the half had expired the Jaguars had miraculously closed the gap to 20-17. The Colts seemed stunned and their defense no longer was playing with the same confidence and aggression they had early in the game.​

    The Jaguars would look to provide the knockout blow to the bewildered Colts on the first play of the second half, setting up a screen for Jones-Drew. Following a wall of blockers and not much else in front of him, Jones-Drew cut back from one defender then cruised 80 yards for another touchdown.​

    21 straight points and the Jaguars had a 24-20 lead.​

    The Colts struggles on offense would continue and Jacksonville would get the ball back and go back to Jones-Drew again.​

    As he has shown occassionly, Jones-Drew's tendancy to fumble would show up and he would cough the ball up and defensive end Robert Mathis would pick it up and rumble 19 yards into the end zone for a touchdown.​

    Just when it looked like the Colts were done, they'd been saved by their opportunistic defense.​

    Now that defense would get a stop, then Manning would quickly connect on a 49 yard touchdown bomb to Austin Collie so give the Colts a comfortalbe 10 point adtantage.​

    The Jaguars would now look to the passing game, and Garrard would roll out right while evading the blitz and find a wide open Marcedes Lewis would would race to the endzone for a 69 yard touchdown pass.​

    The Jags were within three points heading into the final quarter, but knew their defense needed to get a stop.​

    The Green Machine would bear down and come up big, with safety Gerald Alexander stepping in front of Collie to pick off a pass in the flat, and Alexander did the rest with his legs as he outraced the offensive linemen to the endzone to give the Jaguars a 38-34 lead.​

    The Colts would be stopped on their next possesssion and elect to punt instead of risk a fourth down play in their own territory.​

    Jacksonville would get the ball back with under 4:00 to play and need a few first downs to run out the clock.​

    Three MJD runs and first down #1.....check.​

    Two more runs and a short pass for first down #2....check.​

    Now the Jaguars had needed just one moer first down to end the game.​

    Three more Jones-Drew runs, but this time he would be stopped less than a yard short from the first down marker. Jacksonville had forced Indianapolis to use all of their timeouts but were now forced to punt.​

    The punt was a good one, bouncing out of bounds at the 14 yard line, meaning the Colts had 86 yards to go as only 1:38 to do it.​

    Manning would use crosses and dig routes to complete a couple of passes up to midfield, but the clock would continue to wind down.​

    Knowing he had to now force the issue deep he would hold on to the ball a bit too long and be sacked on third down creating a fourth and long.​

    Fourth down was deja vu, with Manning holding the ball just a bit too much and would be sacked again.​

    When Manning hit the turf the Jaguars exhaled and celebrated.​

    Their quest for history would continue, as they would stay undefeated at 14-0.​

    Maurice Jones-Drew had one of his best games on one of the biggest stages, running for 194 yards and catching a pass for 80 yards for a total of 274 yards of offense and three touchdowns.​

    The Colts are left pondering what moves to make in the offseason to get them over the hump. However it was evident in this game that if the breaks had fallen their way they would have won this game at home. One can sense that the Colts will be back with a ferocity in Season 5, and may have a new fire and passion in themselves,.​

    Meanwhile, the Jaguars now will return home for a date with the rejuvenated Washingon Redskins.​

  2. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    Wow, sounds like a classic game. The Broncos (along with a few other teams I'm sure) send a "thank you" to the Jags for putting a halt to the Colts' win streak, as Indy is hot on the trail of the AFC Wild Card hopefuls.
  3. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    You're welcome!

    I forsee at least one title for the Colts in the upcoming seasons. Jeremy is just too good with that Colts talent. I really got lucky in many ways yesterday!

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