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Week 15 Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MILMONTpa, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. MILMONTpa


    Sep 5, 2009
    Week 15 Summaries

    Wyoming Cowboys (1-10) (1-7 conf.) hosted the Idaho Vandals (8-4) (5-3 conf.) for the final game of the regular season, nationally televised. The Vandals welcomed back star RB, Deonte Jackson, who, after a fantastic start to the season, was sidelined with nagging injuries for the last 6 weeks. He returned for this final game though, 100% healthy.

    1st Qtr
    The 1-10 Cowboys efficiently ran their spread offense with 4 and 5 wide WRs to start the game. The highlite of the qtr. came on a Wyoming 4th and inches as the Cowboys fooled everyone - WR R. Hines hauled in a 33 yd TD pass from QB R. Benjamin. The Vandals safties were playing in too far and Wyoming adjusted for an easy TD.
    End of 1st qtr score : Idaho 07 Wyoming Cowboys 14

    2nd Qtr
    Wyoming first limited the Vandals to a FG and then QB R. Benjamin delivered a 37 yd strike to WR T. Burkhalter. The 1-10 Cowboys are playing beyond their record at this point in the gm.

    Idaho would answer with their rcving playmaker on offense. JR WR, Preston Davis caught a WR screen , bumped off a defender and took off running. As he approached the first down, he juked the CB and was looking at wide open run room. 70 yds later, the Wyoming saftey caught up to Davis and ... as they were about to collide, Davis made his third juke during the play... this time hopping backward and throwing the saftey off him while 3 other Cowboys converged. Davis was too quick for them though as he sprinted the final 10 yds and completed the longest reception in Idaho history, going 92 yds for the TD, all of it YAC.


    After a quick 3 and out and about 50 seconds on the clock before half, Idaho went back to Davis. This time he hauled in a deep pass in traffic, going up and coming down and holding on. This second dramatic catch of the qtr. set up the game tying FG as the half ended.... 21-21. The game much much closer than Idaho anticipated.
    End of 2nd qtr score : Idaho 21 Wyoming Cowboys 21

    3rd Qtr
    The surprising Wyoming Cowboys continued to work their spread offense, again scoring on a QB option after passing their way down the field and into the red zone. Idaho pushed back but a FG attempt clanked off the crossbar which would have gotten the Vandals within 1 pt. The game was then officially an upset in the making as the Cowboys took a 4 pt lead into the 4th and they seemed to have the Vandals offense figured out.

    End of 3rd qtr score : Idaho 24 Wyoming Cowboys 28

    4th Qtr
    The 4th qtr was one for the ages. ESPN has deemed it a classic. The qtr would see the Vandals come up with 3 notable plays that kept them in the game. The first play was a catch by WR Patrick Mealey on 3rd and long. The ball was thrown as QB Enderle was hit, changing the ball's path so Mealey was forced to go for it in double coverage. Mealey went up high, made the grab, then got crushed in the air and came cartwheeling down on his head... all the while holding onto the ball and converting a huge 3rd down. That play got them close enough for a FG which brought Idaho within 1 pt. The very next play after the FG, SR FS Shiloh Keo came thundering down the field on KO cvg, weaving in and out of traffic to lay a mega ton bomb of a hit on the returner, dislodging the ball and giving Idaho the ball back in the redzone.


    Idaho would take the lead shortly thereafter thanks to Keo, but Wyoming would return the favor by driving the field and tying the game with about a 1:45 to go. The Vandals at this pt., felt as if they could win it with a FG if they could mount a drive. 2 minutes was plenty of time. It wasn't to be though... as they were forced to punt after only 3 plays giving the Cowboys a shot to win it themselves.

    Wyoming with only 45 seconds on the clock would once again mount an unstoppable drive going 60 yds using the pass and QB option runss, getting inside the 10 yd line before the Vandal defense had enough. 3 star Vandal freshman recruit DT Whitfield stood up the Wyoming HB on 2nd and 6 from the 7 yd line with 30 seconds to go in the game. Whitfield ripped the ball loose and fellow freshman 3 star recruit DE, Henry Poole dove on it to stop the Cowboys from scoring a game winning TD or FG. The play was absolutely huge and effectively sent this game into OT. The Vandals young defense has struggled this season, but with character plays like this, the future has a sliver lining.


    Make that THREE OTs... This game ended as a verifiable ESPN Classic as the teams traded punches thru three OT's. The Vandals young defense prevented a 2 pt conversion in the 3rd OT and the offense punched it in along with a 2pter to win.. Unbelievable game here to end the regular season. Wyoming was playing way way way beyond themselves and Idaho needed at least 4 game saving type plays to even have a shot to win this on. In the end though... they did.

    FINAL SCORE - triple overtime :

    Idaho 57 Wyoming Cowboys 55

    KeY STATz

    Idaho QB Nathan Enderle : 13 comp - 10 att - 220 yds - 1 TDs - 0 INTs
    Idaho QB Brian Reader : 12 comp - 27 att - 178 yds - 2 TDs - 0 INT
    Idaho HB Deonte Jackson : 19 att - 85 yds - 2 rushing TDs, 1 KR for 54 yds
    Idaho WR - Preston Davis : 11 rec - 197 yds - 1 TD, 5 KRs for 139 yds
    Idaho WR - Patrick Mealey : 6 rec - 89 yds - 1 TD
    Idaho FS - Shiloh Keo : 12 tackles - 1 FF
    Idaho LE Henry Poole (freshman) - 7 tackles - 2 sacks - 1 Fum Rec

    Wyoming QB Robert Benjamin : 27 comp - 38 att - 359 yds - 4 TDs - 0 INTs
    Wyoming HB Darius Terry : 14 att - 61 yds - 2 TDs
    Wyoming WR David Leonard : 9 rec - 98 yds - 0 TDs
    Wyoming WR Travis Burkhalter : 6 rec - 144 yds - 2 TDs
    Wyoming FS Kenny Browder : 17 tackles - 1 FF - 1 FR

    Time of Possession : Wyoming 9:57 minutes - Idaho 14:03 minutes
  2. H22APWRD94

    H22APWRD94 RG3 Bandwagon

    Jul 11, 2009
    Nice writeup Milmont, and incredible game. That is one of those that you never stop gripping. I loved that about '09 and playing with Baylor in the BigXII south. Seemed every game was like that for me, had to beat Oklahoma and Texas on last minute drives that were just out of my mind. In a dynasty as Idaho last year, I had scored a go ahead TD with 5 secs remaining, then Hawaii returned the KO 93 yards to pull off the impossible. Reminds me of that one.

  3. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Damn that sounds like one hell of a game. Way to persevere!
  4. T2

    T2 Smarter than your average bear!

    Jul 26, 2009
    good work milmont!
  5. Jvigorous1

    Jvigorous1 Hokie

    Nov 2, 2009
    Nice win man, I hate it when my defense can't stop the passing game of opponent.
  6. MILMONTpa


    Sep 5, 2009
    Thanks guys - I'll try to post a few videos of the game later today. It was very obvious that Wyoming was getting boosted ratings for whatever reason. You know the type game. You see it on the schedule, and visualize a possible shut out or something like that. Then game time comes and, even without making mistakes, the game is slipping away from you. This is one I was supposed to lose for sure. Wyoming FS Kenny Browder had 17 tackles !! He shut down my option like no one else has... ever.

    Mike - Idaho is fun to play with for sure. They have just enough offensive skill that you feel like you have a shot every game, no matter who you play. defensively they are just atrocious though. I have been working hard to improve them and it should pay off in a season or two.
  7. jca312

    jca312 Walk On

    Jul 23, 2009
    Turnaround Complete

    Sullivan's 3 TDs lead Aztecs to victory ​

    San Diego State beats Minnesota in a shootout, 48-34, to finish the regular season 10-2. A year after going 3-9, the Aztecs are preparing to play in a bowl game for the first time in 12 years. The Aztecs are currently slated for a home game against Pac-10 powerhouse USC in the Poinsettia Bowl after losing the tie-breaker with Air Force, who also finished 6-2 in Mountain West play, but beat the Aztecs 38-17 back in week 3.

    The Aztecs were playing to reach their 10-win goal for the season and nothing more. Minnesota looked unstoppable on their first drive, taking 2 minutes off the clock and scoring on a 28-yard touchdown pass. Brandon Sullivan and the Aztecs would respond a little less than 2 minutes later when he would score on a pitch to the left side from the 4 yardline to knot the score at 7. With just :34 left in the quarter, Minnesota Player of the Game A Weber would throw his 2nd touchdown pass of the quarter to give Minnesota a 14-7 lead at the end of 1.

    The 2nd quarter saw San Diego State tie the game again on a 35-yard pass from Ryan Lindley to Vincent Brown who was able to corral the ball in-between 2 Golden Gopher defenders while staying in bounds. Once again, Weber and Minnesota responded with Weber throwing his 3rd touchdown pass of the day. Less than a minute later, Lindley connected with freshman wideout Casey Wagner for a 6-yard touchdown pass and a missed extra point made the score 21-20. Minnesota scored by ground this time when running back R Buckner scored on a 29-yard run. With just over a minute left in the half, Sullivan scored again for the Aztecs and SDSU failed on their 2-point conversion, so the Aztecs would go into the half down by 2, 28-26.

    The 2nd half saw the Aztecs defense stiffen and start to get stops. The Aztecs would get a touchdown and 2-point conversion, as well as a field goal in each quarter, while all the Golden Gophers would get was a 73-yard touchdown pass by Weber in the 3rd quarter making the final score 48-34.

    San Diego State's staff and players are very excited to be preparing for a bowl game and they are keeping their fingers crossed that they'll have one more home game. Stay tuned for updates.

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