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Week 15 - Texans (29) vs. Jaguars (22)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by obwhite, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. obwhite

    obwhite Who Dat Nation!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 15 - Texans (29) vs. Jaguars (22)

    Texans Alive and KICKING​


    Kris Brown kicks 5 field goals to lead the Texans to the victory over division rival Jacksonville Jaguars.

    In a game with heavy playoff implications the Texans brought the house and knew they would have to play a near perfect game to defeat the HOT Jaguars. Well, they definitely didn't bring their A-game, but still did just enough to squeak out with the victory.

    The texans would drive the ball well but the Jags got stingy inside the 30 and held the texans to a season high 5 field goals. The Texans wouldn't score their first touchdown until almost midway thru the 3rd quarter but would lead for all but a few minutes in the game. Just when the Texans would start to relax the momentum would swing back in the Jag's favor. Especially after S. Brown recovered a fumble and brought it back 34 yards to start the 4th quarter. That would put the Jag's in the lead for one of the 1st times all gamem but the Texans would answer right back when Matt Schaub hit a wide open J. Jones on a deep out for 57 yards only :40 seconds later.

    This was truly a great game, and the Jag's owner surely has to agree that the AFC south might end up with 3 teams in the playoffs. This was a game that i wish the entire league could have witnessed, it had it all; forced fumbles, interceptions, deep bombs, long runs, sacks, big hits.... These two teams played their hearts out and it was a shame someone had to lose. This game came down to the last play which was broken up by rookie Jawan Williams.

    At the end of the game, the Jags got all the way down to the 10 yard line with 20 seconds left but with no time outs, Brees had to take an intentional grounding instead of a sack that would have run the time on the clock out. It was the right idea, but it pushed them all the way back to the 20 yards line with goal to go. The Texans would just go into a deep man under and pray that the hailmary didn't connect!!

    Player Stats

    Matt Schaub - 13 of 26, 214 yards, 1 TD
    Drew Brees - 21 of 37, 189 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT

    Steve Slaton - 21 att, 188 yards, 1 TD

    D. Brees - 6 att, 50 yards
    M.J.D. - 12 att, 33 yards, 1 TD
    T. Minor - 1 att, 1 yard, 1 TD

    Andre Johnson - 5 catches, 100 yards
    O. Daniels - 5 catches, 23 yards
    J. Jones - 1 catch, 57 yards, 1 td

    MJD - 5 catches, 39 yards
    C. Henry - 3 catches, 27 yards

    X. Adibi - 1
    A. Okoye - 1

    Brian Cushing - 2
    D. Robinson - 1

    Forced Fumbles
    Mario Williams - 1
    Patrick Chung - 1
    Eric Weddle - 1

    KRIS BROWN (5 field goals)
    BRIAN CUSHING (2 ints)
    STEVE SLATON (188 rushing yards)

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