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Week 16: Bears vs Packers "The hunt for the playoffs"

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by ferocious, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. ferocious

    ferocious Bring it

    Jul 23, 2010
    Week 16 a match to have been recorded, but two things happened. 1. The bears didmt think they had a shot of upsetting the Packers so they didnt expect this recap and 2. The Bears coach Ferocious received notice that he was being releived of his duties at the end of the season eventhough he has a chance to take the Bears to the playoffs on back to back seasons played. So with that the Bears came in to this game pissed off and played their hearts out for their coach, and vowe to bring home a Championship home for their coach as a go away present if they in fact make it to the dance.
    1st qrt: The Bears received the ball as the Packers decided to play defense firts and not put their potent offense on the field. And it payed off at first as the Packers made the Bears punt after a series of first downs that the Bears got. QB Aaron Rodgers came out firing as he always does, but with a mix of pass and successful runs the Packers soon were in Bears territory. But as the Bears have done all season, they buckled down in their own redzone stopping the Packers to a fg only.
    Score Packers 3 Bears 0
    The Bears got back to work, but this time playing with a chip on their shoulder as QB Jay Cutler told their offense that they were here to play for coach, and will not let him down. That got the Bears running game and passing game on fire as they moved down the field, the Packers were stingy vs the run so QB Cutler decided to audible very chance possible to a pass and with great success as they went down the field and scored on a HB Matt Forte run to put them up by 4.
    Score Bears 7 Packers 0
    2nd qrt The Packers seemed to abandoned the run and put the game on QB Rodgers hands as they always do with success, but with the Bears defense on a mission for this game on making they coach proud. They were to have none of that and it showed as on a perfect covearge by CB Van Dyke, he was able to jump the route and in turn take the pass back to the house for 6.
    Score Bears 14 Packers 3
    Seeing as the game was getting out of hand already this early for Aaron Rodgers, he decided to just keep airing it out in hopes of bringing his team back. But as this game was destined it didnt work, The Bears once again got the ball back but this time on a fumble by HB Brewer which in turn gave the Bears great position and the Bears were able to punch it in at the end of the 2nd qrt by FB Hill on a play that the Packers ovbiously let happened to possibly give Aaron Rodgers time before the half to go get some points.
    Score Bears 21 Packers 3
    The Pack did try to get some points and almost did as they made it to half court but couldnt muster any points and thats how the half ended.
    The rest of the game was all Bears as the Packers received the Ball on the 3rd qrt but only to give it back to the Bears on two seperate occasions and both picked Rodgers off on streak routes to his fastest WR, but the coverage was 1-1 and the Bears CB's won. Cb Jennings on one and CB Gainer on another. The Bears ended up scoring 44 points total 2td's by pass to FB Hill and WR Hester, 2td's by run, 1 pick 6 and 3 fg's as the game was out of hand before the 4th qrt and the Bears decided to just settle for fg's. The Packers did manage to score 21 other points but it was all when the game was out of reach and the Bears just wanted to finish the game and take this surprising win on this dark dark day for coach ferocious.
    Great game redlishus I hope to see you in the playoffs again and hopefully around in the future, our games have been epic and with the out most respect. I wish you luck on these playoffs and on the rest of your journey in 12th Man. Take care bro.
    The Bears will finish off on week 17 vs another tuff division foe in the Vikings, and hope that a win there will give the Bears a playoff shot.

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