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Week 16 Cardinals stop charging Bills 17-13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachWest, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    This week the Cardinals got there first test against a Playoff Caliber opponent in a few weeks to help get ready for their Championship defense in this years playoffs. The game started off with 2 teams playing TOUGH defensive opposition waiting for one of them to take a chance and pay for it. The first offender happened to be the Cards with an unadvised deep streak that would get returned for 84 yards and a TD, 7-0 Bills. The Cardinals still blinded by their new black eye were unable to respond and ended up punting , the Bills seeing a huge opportunity capitalize with 3 more points knowing they would get the ball after the half bringing the score to 10-0 Bills. The Cards respond with a big pass to WR Garvin to score with 2 min left in the half 10-7 Bills. Unfortunately 2 min was too much time for the Bills as they increase their lead by 3 with another FG in the closing seconds in the half, 13-7 Bills. With the Cards now behind in the scoring and the possession battle it was time for the Cards to turn up the heat and create opportunity's to win the game. For the first half the Bills managed to keep the Card defense on its toes by running effectively and passing only when it was necessary to do so. In doing so they were able to protect their QB from mistakes and keep the game at their pace. The Cards having a do or die feeling, decided to force the the Bills to beat them in the air and it paid off. Bills QB Dougherty finish the day with no TDs and 5 ints on the day including 2 in the closing mins of the 4th quarter. Though Cards QB Skelton struggled in the first half he was able to end with a respectable 2 TD game and over 220 yards in the air. At the hand shake at the end of the game Bills Coach SRC approached Coach West and said " you know, we are glad we don't have to play your defense again", which in our eyes was the best compliment you could ever give.

    GG SRC, and GL the rest of the season!

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