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Week 16: Chargers @ Jets

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Ace847, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    This was basically a playoff game for both of these teams and it had the atmosphere to go along with it. The Jets were looking to sneak into the playoffs with a poor division and a three way tie in the AFC East. The Chargers just came off a low scoring nail biter to keep them in the playoff hunt in the AFC West and needed this one to keep their hopes for a playoff berth alive.

    On the Jets first possession they came out with Tebow and had the Chargers confused as he faked the hand-off and completed a perfect 10 yard strike for the first down. Unfortunately Randiesel75 took him out and went with Sanchez for the next play and was unable to get anything done.

    The Chargers had one solid drive in the first half that ended in a FG after the Jets missed a long FG giving the Chargers good field position.

    Ryan Matthews also added a 1 yard TD run in the second quarter after getting a short field on a Sanchez Int making it 10-0 Chargers lead.

    Phillip Rivers would make a huge mistake at the end of the half by throwing an interception and giving the Jets an easy chance at points going into the half. However, Sanchez and his less than clutch Tebowesk ways threw an interception on the 5 yard line to kill a perfect scoring opportunity for the Jets. The score would remain 10-0 going into the half.

    The Jets received the ball in the second half and put together a solid drive only to end in a Tim Tebow TD pass to make the game 10-7 and give the Jets some hope for a victory. Once again, Tebow had the Chargers confused on this play as the Chargers anticipated run but Tebow threw a perfect pass to J. Baker for the score.

    The rest of the half was smash mouth defensive football and sloppy QB play!

    The Chargers run game was pretty much bottled up all day with Matthews carrying the ball 25 times for only 80 yards and their passing wasn't any better with Rivers throwing two interceptions on the day. Thankfully for the Chargers Sanchez was in the game also and had 4 picks on the day. The chants are getting louder and Tebow fans are getting restless. With Rex Ryan getting the boot at the beginning of the year, the fans were hopeful that Randiesel75 would abandon the Sanchize and go with someone new....anyone....There was glimpses of what this offense could look like under Tebow today against the Chargers but he was only in there for two plays. 2/2 141.7 passer rating and a 5 yard TD! Just think what would have been if he had been in for four plays.... Chargers get the win today. Chargers: 10 Jets: 7

    The offensive player of the game was ex Jet Joe Mcknight as he sealed the game with a huge 3rd down catch that looked like it was tipped and almost intercepted but he concentrated and hauled it in for the final first down for the Bolts. The player of the game goes to Antoine Cason who had two huge Interceptions to solidify a Chargers victory.

    The Chargers advance to 9-6 with a final home game against the Raiders who embarrassed them in the season opener in September. Kidofcrash23

    Good Game Randiesel75 I don't think there have been any 10-7 games all year! Fun match-up. I look forward to playing you again.
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  2. Randiesel75

    Randiesel75 Walk On

    Aug 11, 2010
    This was an awesome game, a real nail-biter late in the 4th quarter. We had the momentum on the late drive, but I made a poor decision on a 5-yard drag play and tossing it right into the LB. I tried to toss it behind as I thought the LB was moving across, but he snagged it.

    This really hurts the New York Jets and could have wiped any chance at making the playoffs this season.

    Well played, Danny. It doesn't get anymore realistic than a 10-7 matchup. I love a defensive game, and this is just what we had here in TLY.
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  3. yogibear

    yogibear Walk On

    Nov 9, 2012
    We want Tebow :) gg

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