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Week 16: Dolphins and Pats

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by a_bomb_13, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. a_bomb_13

    a_bomb_13 Walk On

    Jul 28, 2011
    The first game in the league and i have to play in the snow what is this. It was a hell of a game, lots of turnovers and big mistakes by both teams. There was no score in the first quarter with the two teams trading punts and gates coughing the ball up in patriots territory. Miami defence held strong and held them to a fg attempt, but it was missed bonking off the cross bar. Midway through the 2nd the dolphins but up the first points with a ryan mallett td pass to edelman (no thats not a miss print the dolphins have half of the patroits back ups. someone will have to inform me later why that is lol) Right b4 half the dolphins got the ball back with about 30 sec left and went down the field to score once again, too take 14-0 lead at half. In third mallatt forgot to come out after after half time cuz he threw 3 of his 5 int and single handly brought the patroits back in the game. They scored 14 points in the third to make it a tie game entering the 4th. Once again Mallett threw another pic (im thinking new england paid him off). This time tho i was able to get to brady and forced a user pic with about 3 min left. I thought i was in good shape till i thew another int:( at the 50 yard line. I starting bringing the blitz more and more cuz i figured that was the only chance i had, well it work out with a benny sapp sack fumble recovery. This time i wasnt takeing any chances and went to my ground and pound with daniel thomas. He broke off a couple big runs and scored with about 30 sec left to win the game 21-14!!!! just getting ready for next year
  2. HAL9100

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    There was a previous Dolphins owner and he traded Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall for Mallet, Edelman, and the Patriots 1st round pick. So you're setup for 2 first round picks in the offseason.

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