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Week 16: Lion 52 49ers 49

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Branden, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Branden

    Branden Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Week 16: Lion 52 49ers 49

    The Lions and 49ers played the game of the week??

    By far one of the most exciting games of the year the Lions and 9ers handed in a game of excitement. This was a game where Nate Davis had 7td's and matt stafford threw 5. Going into half the 9ers had a more than comfortable 35-14 lead but the lions would not be down for good. A halftime speech by coach Tuggle got this team fired up." tht speech was crazy and idk it just got us up off our rumps and ready to go! Coming out of half time it looke dlike more the same as the 9ers took it in but the next offensive lions drive they sparked as Matt found megatron for a long catch and run. DEfensive stands went by and the lions rawred on offense putting up 28 in the third and makin it a tied game goin into the fourth! it was a close fourth and xciting till the end as the lions scored and were matched by the 9ers. Its now tied at 49 the lions hav the ball and are moving but are stopped and are forced to a FG with about 2 minutes left nate davis and th e9ers are able to getthe ball to the one yard line where surprisingly they are held in check and are forced to kickthe 3. the holder calls for the ball its hiked the kicker lines up its a 6 yarder no prblems hes thinking his foot hits the ball and its..... NO GOOD!!! the lions win!!!!!!

    Player of the game:
    Matthew Satfford(DET): 18-27 476 yards 5TD 1INT

    Important info:
    Matt is only second in the league in passing and he only trails Peyton manning by 200 yards. With 4,126 yards passing and 32 TD 27 INT this is one hell of a rookie season!

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