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WEEK 16 (S2) - Deadline is 9pm CST FRI 1/11

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by majesty95, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    Two weeks to go!

    Playoff Lowdown


    Home Field

    Four teams from two divisions are fighting for the two first round byes and home field throughout the playoffs.

    [​IMG] 12-2

    [​IMG] 12-2

    [​IMG] 12-2

    [​IMG] 12-2

    Each team has split their divisional series so tiebreakers will be used to determine the winners if neither of the four teams lose in the last two weeks of the season. Each of the teams have one loss in the division and each have only one loss in the conference except for the Cardinals who have two. That means that if the 49ers and Cardinals are tied at the end of the season, the 49ers will win the NFC West and a first round bye. In the NFC North both the Vikings and Lions have equal division and conference losses. If neither team loses then it will basically be a coin flip as to who will win as the game's logic doesn't use the tie breakers correctly.


    Four teams are competing for the other two division titles and their only hope for a playoff spot.

    [​IMG] 9-5

    [​IMG] 9-5

    [​IMG] 9-5

    [​IMG] 8-6

    Carolina and Atlanta are virtually deadlocked for the NFC South race. The Panthers do have one more conference loss so all Atlanta has to do is win out to take the divisional crown. The Giants, meanwhile, have a one game lead over the Cowboys and have all but locked up the NFC East. However, the Cowboys do still have an outside shot by winning out.


    Home Field/Divisional

    Three teams are in the hunt but two are virtual locks.

    [​IMG] 13-1

    [​IMG] 12-2

    [​IMG] 11-3

    The Titans have all but locked up a first round bye while the Dolphins and Chargers compete for the other. Miami appears to have the spot solidified but San Diego could sneak past them if the Dolphins should falter in a game and the Chargers win out. Each of the three have also secured their division. The Chargers could lose out to the Chiefs but a lot would have to go wrong for them.

    Divisional/Wild Card

    [​IMG] 9-5

    [​IMG] 9-5

    [​IMG] 8-6

    [​IMG] 7-7

    The Bengals seem to have a stranglehold on the AFC North and are all but assured of securing the division. The Chiefs seem secure in the top wild card spot but will get pushed by the Patriots and possibly the Ravens. New England and Baltimore are on the outside looking in and need to win out and get help in order to sneak into the playoffs.

    Go get 'em!

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  2. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    The winner of each game (or user if playing the CPU) must post a short game summary following their game. The summary must include the following:
    • Game Score
    • Key Team Stats
    • Key Individual Stats
    • Notes
    This can be as basic or as simply as you would like to make it. However, the more engaging the posts are, the more invested other users will be in this thread and the league in general. Its up to you how much effort you want to put into it.

    Here are some links to help out your summaries:
    MarkyMark67, Futuriistiics, Jbbubba, Reallyrill, LLCoolGrey, YungLew15, bigtubb_, AveryB, Ninersfan80, Crunk_Ness, woodsmall, Crumbler81, MiaFLSurf, maniac13, Glen Cieske, AoHigh5, Justin Crabb, CJTHA1, danwin
  3. danwin

    danwin Walk On

    Jan 18, 2012
    majesty95, is there anyway it would be ok for me to play my game with Crumbler81 at 10:00 P.M. central Friday night. I work overnight shifts till Friday and then unfortunately have a funeral of a close friend to attend out of town Friday afternoon. I not sure I can make it back in time to complete it before 9:00 central. If this is a locked rule I will let Crumbler81 know and put my team on autopilot.
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  4. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012
    You've given enough notice. If Crumbler81 is ok with that then that is fine.
  5. Ninersfan80

    Ninersfan80 Walk On

    Aug 27, 2012
    49ers Continue Hot Streak

    49ers- 21 vs. Packers- 16

    The San Francisco 49ers won their 13 straight game after starting the season 0-2, it wasn't pretty though. The offense struggled most of the way and the defense carried the team again. 3 key forced turnovers by the 49ers lead to the victory including an INT by Carlos Rogers that was returned to the 1 yard line. The game was put away when Colin Kaepernick threw a TD pass to A.J. Jenkins, his 9th of the season.

    The Niners are on one of the hottest streaks in NFL history and look to keep it going into the playoffs. They did have a couple key injuries to Chris Culliver and AJ Jenkins in the game, their status' are unknown right now.

    C. Kaepernick- 13/23, 214 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
    F. Gore- 14 att, 78 yards, 1 TD
    V. Davis- 5 rec, 107 yards
    Aldon Smith- 8 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack

    A. Rodgers- 17/25- 198 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT
    J. Starks- 17 att, 58 yards
    J. Nelson- 5 rec, 74 yards
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  6. MarkyMark67

    MarkyMark67 Walk On

    Jul 16, 2012
    Week 16:

    Redskins 14
    Dolphins 34

    Miami pulls off another win!! Still trying for the first round bye in the playoffs. The Dolphins defense keeps RG3 in check most of the game, causing 2 turnovers and holding the Skins to 211 yards of offense all game. Qb R.Tannehill and the offense held on to the ball for over 17 minutes, and passed for 3 td's. Rb R.Bush came back and rushed for 76 yards. The Dolphins got their 13th win of the season with a great team effort. Their record is now 13-2, so far a great year for the team. We are building momentem for the playoffs.


    R.Tannehill 22/34 64% for 248 yards, 3 td's and 0 ints, for a qb rating of 115.8

    RG3 13/20 65% for 185yards, 2 td's and 1 int, 107.2 qb rating


    R.Bush 13 rushes for 76 yards and 1 fumble(bs)
    S.Slaton 8 rushes for 23 yards and 1 td

    R.Helu Jr. 7 rushes for 26 yards
    RG3 3 rushes for 20 yards and 1 fumble


    D.Bess 6 recs for 59 yards and 1 td
    L.Robinson 6 recs for 60 yards
    T.Dean(R) 4 recs for 48 yards
    D.Amendola 2 recs for 56 yards and 1 td
    R.Bush 2 recs for 13 yards and 1 td

    S.Moss 3 recs for 38 yards
    RHelu Jr 2 recs for 68 yards and 1 td
    P.Garcon 2 recs for 50 yards and 1 td.

    What should the Dolphins do? Should we rest the team in week 17, letting the backups get the reps? Or do we try and knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs? And get the bye in the 1st week of the playoffs.

    We will have to see!! The team is not use to having the option, already locking up the divison title. Can someone please put the Patriots down? Come on Ravens!!
  7. CJTHA1

    CJTHA1 Walk On

    Jul 4, 2012
    Rams win 2 in a row!!! Rams beat Steelers 24-21

    The Rams inch closer to ending their season with a .500 record as the beat the Steelers on Monday Night Football by the score of 24-21. The Rams first play from scrimmage went to the tune of an 80 yard strike to Devery Henderson for the games 1st score. Henderson ended the game with 5 receptions for 121 yards with the touchdown. The game got tight late as Sam Bradford threw an interception to Ike Taylor and returned it to Steelers teritory. After the 2 min warning, Rashard Mendenhall ran up the left side for a 24 yard touchdown to tie the game up at 21. Bradford then conducted a wonderful 2-min drill to get the Rams into field goal range. With seconds left on the clock veteran kicker Olindo Mare drilled a 26 yard field goal to win the game and send the loyal Rams fans to a victory in their last home game of the year. Next week the Rams will try to play spoiler as they take on the 49ers.

    Sam Bradford 14 of 18 198 yards 1 touchdown 1 interception
    Ben Roethlisberger 10 of 14 161 yards

    Steven Jackson 22 carries 113 yards 2 touchdowns
    Rashard Mendenhall 15 carries 57 yards 1 touchdown

    Devery Henderson 5 recs for 121 yards and 1 TD
    Antonio Brown 3 recs for 41 yards 100 yard KO return for TD
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  8. YungLew15

    YungLew15 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2012
    Chiefs Hang On, Escape Buffalo With 31-29 Win

    BUFFALO (AP) -- Matt Cassel tried his best to give the Buffalo the win. But it the end, not even Matt Cassel was enough for the Bills. Cassel threw two late interceptions to Jarius Byrd, both returned for touchdowns. The Chiefs led 31-7 heading into the fourth before they nearly collapsed. After Byrd's two TDs, the Bills added another score on a 23 yard TD pass to Sean Oduh from Jonathan Shuman. But the Bills could not convert the two point conversion, and the Chiefs would go on to run out the clock.

    Despite the late game interceptions, Matt Cassel threw two touchdowns to Steve Breaston and Khiry Donaldson. Jamaal Charles added a TD run, but would leave the game with a concussion. LaRod Stephens-Howling would replace Charles and add a score of his own. Rookie FS Lamel Seawood had 2 picks in his first game back from injury.

    Key Stats

    Matt Cassel 19/28, 207 yards, 2 TD 2 INT
    Jamaal Charles 17 car, 59 yards, 1 TD
    LaRod Stephens-Howling 12 car, 86 yards, 1 TD
    Steve Breaston 4 rec, 52 yards, 1 TD

    Lamel Seawood 2 INT
    Derrick Johnson 5 tackles


    Jonathan Shuman 10/22, 36 yards, 1 TD 2 INT
    Fred Jackson 10 car, 91 yards, 1 TD
    Sean Oduh 4 rec, 30 yards, 1 TD

    Marcell Dareus 6 tackles
    Mario Williams 3 tackles, 1 sack
    Jarius Byrd, 2 interceptions, 2 TDs
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  9. Crunk_Ness

    Crunk_Ness Walk On

    Sep 8, 2012
    Cardinals Kicker D. Buehler kicks game winning 53 yarder with time expiring to kill any playoff hopes for the Cowboys!
    Wk_16.png Wk_16_stats.png wk_16_stats_1.png

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